Bathing Chinchillas What Is Impossible And What Is Possible


It is generally accepted that bathing is one of the mandatory measures for caring for a pet. Even cats and cats that hate water procedures are bathed in the bathroom. As for chinchillas, water for them is not just an irritant, but a mortal enemy. Bathing these exotic rodents is categorically impossible, at least in the water. But the special sand for sand baths will do just fine!

“Bath” procedures for chinchillas

Like any other animal, chinchillas need regular maintenance. Their fur and body should be kept clean – and not only for the sake of beauty, but also for health. Hygiene is one of the factors of good health and longevity of the rodent.

Any chinchilla needs a swim

Why do chinchillas periodically bathe:

  • After cleaning, the thick coat of the animal becomes soft;
  • Stuck hairs are removed from the fur coat;
  • Excess moisture is removed from the body;
  • The animal receives tremendous pleasure and relieves stress.

However, it is not worthwhile to part with “bathing” procedures: daily bathing of chinchillas is prohibited, and this is not necessary.

Is it possible to bathe a chinchilla in water?

Novice chinchilla breeders may not realize that swimming in the water is strictly contraindicated for their pets. For these funny cute pussies, a water bath is a fierce enemy. And not because they do not know how to swim. The physiological features of chinchillas are to blame. The fact is that they completely lack sebaceous glands: during bathing, their thick fur coat completely gets wet, which can lead to hypothermia, and then to the cold of the animal.

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Water poses a risk to chinchillas

Any veterinarian will confirm to you: water procedures are dangerous for chinchillas. You should resort to them only in exceptional cases, and you can wet the fur only locally.

How to wash chinchillas with water?

Sometimes you have to resort to the use of water to clean the skin or parts of the body of the chinchilla from contamination. For example, if the animal got its feet dirty while walking around the apartment, you can pour warm water into a bowl and wipe the contaminated area with a wet swab or sponge.

Water should be such that a person is comfortable holding his hand in it – that is, not too hot or cold. When treating with water, be careful not to wet the eyes and ears of the rodent.

After washing, immediately wrap your pet with a warm, soft towel. To wash the washed chinchilla as quickly as possible, it is recommended to use a hairdryer. Put the device in the initial mode (the hair dryer should work quietly) and dry the coat well. This will protect the animal from hypothermia and colds.

When the fluffy is completely dry, take a comb and carefully comb the hair of the animal so that there are no lumps in it. On this “bath” procedure can be considered complete.

Sand baths

Traditional chinchilla baths are contraindicated, but sand baths are just what you need. Exotic rodents love to swim not in the water, but in the sand. This is how they are used to brushing their wool and maintaining hygiene.

In the sand, chinchillas "bathe" with pleasure

To keep the body clean, the animal needs 1-2 sand baths a week. It is also convenient that the owner does not need to do anything during the bathing process – chinchillas with great pleasure fall out in the sand themselves.

Bathing Chinchillas What Is Impossible And What Is Possible

How to prepare a sand bath for chinchilla?

To bathe a pet in a sand bath, you need, firstly, to prepare the bathing itself. This is a special container with a convex lid-clasp, on the side of which there is a hole. In this container, the animal should fit freely. By the way, if you suddenly did not find a bathing suit for sale, the usual 3-liter jar will do (you need to put it on its side).

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Well, if the bathhouse is placed in a cage – then you can perform the procedure “without leaving home” (and many chinchillas are terrible couch potatoes). Otherwise, bathing can be arranged in the same bathroom.

Approximately 5 cm of loose material (special sand) should be poured into the bathing suit. Then we launch the pet into the container and observe how it enjoys, spinning around its axis and falling out well in the sand. In the process of dumping, small grains of sand make their way between the villi of the wool, clearing them of impurities.

Satisfied animal in a bathing suit

Half an hour is enough for everything, otherwise the rodent begins to lose moisture, and the edges of its ears can dry out, as a result of which these places go bald.

How to choose sand for a bath?

Features of sand procedures

The best time for swimming is evening. With the onset of the evening, the rodent shows the greatest activity, and therefore sand cleaning will be more effective. You can additionally take care of chinchilla fur if you add medical sulfur to the filler, crushed Fungistop or Nystatin – this is a good prevention of fungus.

In the process of bathing a chinchilla, a large amount of dust is generated

Most likely, in the process of "bathing" the room will be filled with dust. This is natural, because the animal is spinning in the sand, raising the smallest particles into the air. That is why the best place for such a bath is the bathroom. Or be prepared to wipe all surfaces in the room with a damp cloth and shake dust out of soft things.

Bathing Chinchillas What Is Impossible And What Is Possible

As for sand – it is allowed to be reused. But for this it is necessary to remove garbage from it. It is also recommended to add fresh material to the old. The bath should be completely renewed every 10 procedures.

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Remember: swimming in the sand for a chinchilla is just as necessary as a comfortable cage and regular food.

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