Can Chinchilla Birch Branches

Can Chinchilla Birch Branches

Since so much can be written here, I am copying another entry. Just as described there, I feed my beast.
Among the tree species, various parts of which can be fed chinchillas, the following can be distinguished.
Birch tree.
Its leaves and branches are rich in vitamins, sugars. They contain many volatile, substances with antimicrobial properties. Animals that are bred in captivity usually lack them, especially young animals.
In young leaves of birch there is a lot of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in the kidneys. vegetable fats and other valuable substances.
In the leaves, substances were found that stimulate the vital processes of animal organisms, reminiscent in composition
similar substances of ginseng. Birch branches and leaves collected in summer and winter can be fed to chinchillas for
all year.
Acorns and oak branches attract the attention of chinchillas throughout the year. They are very nutritious. In addition, they are useful for indigestion animals.
Different types of willows. Valuable feed product readily eaten by chinchillas. Leaves and branches are fed to animals all year round. The most nutritious branches are cut during the winter.
Leaves, bark and young shoots of aspen can serve as an addition to chinchilla food in all seasons. They need to be harvested in winter, since during this period they have much more fat and protein.
The needles and berries of this small tree. useful and attractive food for chinchilla. Berries contain up to 40% of sugars, they have bactericidal properties.
In the needles of this tree about 3% fat, up to 20% starch. In addition, it contains a significant amount of iron, an element that is part of the hemoglobin of blood, found special bitter-smelling substances that stimulate appetite in animals. Pine needles are known for their high vitamin content. Especially in the needles of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is six times more than in lemons or oranges. The animals are fed, first of all, spring young shoots. Chinchilla pine seeds are readily eaten throughout the year.
By nutrition, poplar leaves are superior to the best fodder herbs and are an excellent fodder. However, chinchillas eat them badly.
In addition to the above plants, animals consume leaves, shoots and bark of pear, apple, linden, hazel, blackberry, raspberry, sea buckthorn, etc.
Often animals are fed with the fruits of trees and shrubs, such as dogrose, hawthorn, pear, apple tree and many others.

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Polish chinchillovod V. Rzhevsky recommends the following composition of concentrated feeds,%: oats 30, wheat 20, barley 10, peas 5, lupine 5, flaxseed 5, corn 5, mineral fertilizing 10.

mountain ash, raspberries, currants.

Peas, beans, nettle, burdock, apples, carrots, dandelion, horse sorrel, plantain, yarrow, strawberry and strawberry leaves, wheat.

It is necessary to carefully monitor that the composition of this feed, one of the most important for the animal, does not get grass: St. John’s wort, ferns, horsetails, large sedges, chyton. And such plants as the raven eye, poisonous milestone, poisonous buttercup, henbane, dope, kaluzhnitsa, hellebore white, dangerous animals for health, it is necessary to choose from hay completely.

Can Chinchilla Birch Branches

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