Can Chinchilla Fresh Raspberries


Can Chinchilla Fresh Raspberries

Chinchilla is one of the most unusual and cute domestic animals. And each owner of the animal should know how to properly feed his four-legged pet. After all, if you do it correctly, then your pet is likely to live a long and happy life.

Chinchillas, although they also belong to the order of rodents, are confused with rodents such as squirrels and hamsters, and therefore the chinchillas ’diet is likened to their diet. Such misconception often leads to intestinal upset and even animal death.

For a full and long life, the chinchilla should receive various nutrients with food, and the animal should always be in the drinker pure water. In the nutrition of chinchillas, use various herbaceous plants, both cereal and legumes, hay, granular feed. These feeds have everything you need for a healthy and nutritious feeding, including the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Can chinchilla be fed grass?

Can Chinchilla Fresh Raspberries

This type of feed, like plants. one of the favorite animals and contains minerals, fiber, protein, therefore, they can sometimes dilute the monotonous food of the animal.

Spinach leaves rich in proteins and vitamins, lettuce – on ascorbic acid, magnesium salts and iron.

Green grass can be one of the components of the diet of the animal. because it contains a lot of useful substances. but with one condition: fresh grass needs to be dried a little to avoid indigestion in the animal.

This food chinchillas begin to feed in early spring, introducing it gradually into the diet of the animal. Fresh greens should be used as a supplement, and not the main food product, that is, no more than a couple of times a week.

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What herbs are good for chinchillas?

Nettle. A wide range of actions: diuretic, hemostatic, restorative. It is recommended to include grass in the ration of the animal during the molting period, as well as in the menu of the pregnant female.

Apple tree leaves to improve the digestion process.

Dogrose – high-vitamin remedy and excellent snacks.

Plantain. Harvested during flowering. A wide range of actions from sedative to anti-inflammatory.

Most chinchillas respect dandelion. Everyone eats: leaves, flowers, roots, but the concentration of useful elements is still higher in the leaves.

Raspberry leaves possess astringent and antitoxic properties. Most often used as an additive to hay.

Burdock positively affects the metabolism in the body. Leaves to collect after flowering.

Chamomile more often added to the diet of the animal as a medicinal plant in case of gastrointestinal upset (diarrhea, bloating).

In pursuit of the beneficial properties of some herbs, one should not forget about the toxic properties of some plants. So, for example, chinchillas are contraindicated: celandine, bird cherry, euphorbia, St. John’s wort, hemlock, cherry, plum, chestnut, acacia and others.

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