Can I Have A Chinchilla At Home?

Can I Have A Chinchilla At Home?

Is it worth getting a chinchilla at home

Hello! So I decided to share my impressions of communicating with a new exotic beast for me. chinchilla. For a long time I liked this animal and in favor of its acquisition there were such considerations:

1. No need to walk three times;

2.Can be left for some time, for example, on weekends, in a cage;

Before buying, I studied a fairly large number of articles on the Internet and therefore was mentally prepared for a lot)), but there are always surprises. both pleasant and unpleasant.

So, the beast was bought and named Lavrentiy. It was purchased at the age of 2 months from the breeder along with the cage and food for the first time.

Can I Have A Chinchilla At Home?

I will list virtues, discovered during communication:

one.NotIt takes walks. except for walks in a strictly limited territory. On this issue, amateur chinchillovods did not come to a consensus. many categorically against walking, someone for walking. I believe that a measure is needed everywhere. Chinchillas are very mobile, you will not have time to blink an eye, as a nimble beast will be on the windowsill, on the table or under the table. Its feature. rare jumping ability, can jump in height much higher than its small stature. Due to the structural features of the skeleton, it penetrates into any cracks. where even death can await him. So if you decide to walk the animal, this should be done only in your presence and in an area free of wires, furniture, wallpaper)))

2.Clean enough – practically odorless, especially if you use not sawdust, but wood granulate. here it guarantees the absence of specific flavors, from which not a single living organism is free. And bathing in special sand is mandatory every 2-3 days.

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3.Does not require much attention – sleeps during the day, and generally sleeps a lot. So that he would not be bored, he needed a large cage with several shelves and a house. he will sleep there. Personally, I left for 3 days one, naturally, in a cage, with a supply of water and food, and everything was in order.

Can I Have A Chinchilla At Home?

five.Yingtheresen in communication. Difficult to measure "intelligence" chinchillas, but the animal is quite smart, with a bright character. For example, Laurus turned out to be a cunning, impudent citizen. he knows what a team is "not allowed" and "home"but rarely performs. Chinchillas live in nature as families and in captivity they also feel like family members. Our pet unconditionally recognizes the authority of my husband, but for him, it seems, I’m lower in the hierarchy and can be ignored. The owner is allowed to scratch pat yourself. and not in klet, but on a walk. In general, attention and affection are very fond of, but only when he needs it. Otherwise, it can gently pull with your teeth.


one.The animal is difficult to call home. It’s difficult for a chinchilla to tame, let alone train it. This is not an affectionate cat, not an outgoing dog.that wild, not domesticated animal. Rarely becomes manual!

2.He does not like close contact. Chinchillas do not like to sit on their hands, they do not like to be taken out of their cages and generally their principle. hands off.

3.I do not recommend in families with small children.In general, I am opposed to having any animal for a child; only adults should take care of them under their own responsibility and guardianship. Chinchilla will not play with children, moreover, it can be frightened and die from too active games.

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four.BUTactive at night. Chinchilla. twilight animal and after dark begins to jump on the shelves in the cage and asks for freedom. We rearrange it from ourselves and the problem is solved! It makes a ton of sounds. from an almost mouse squeak, if you suddenly hurt yourself by accident and to almost barking! The first time I heard, I was in shock. because we don’t have a dog.

five.Bolyus. The beast leaves waste of life everywhere)). Digestion is designed so that the chinchilla does not control the act of defecation. But everything is easily cleaned without a trace.

6. Nibbles EVERYTHING. In my opinion, this is their biggest drawback. Indeed, if you allow uncontrolled movement, then you risk furniture, wallpaper, occasions, baseboards, doors, etc. In general, out of chagrin. this is the biggest. Our Laurel outdid ALL furniture in the room, then for some reason stopped biting on furniture and set to work on the wallpaper. That is why I urge you to think carefully. whether it is worth letting out of the cage, and it is best to equip some corner in the apartment for walking, but this is already possible.

7. If sick. difficult to cure. I repeat that chinchilla is not a pet, people have been breeding for less than 100 years, and as a pet, chinchilla is generally a beginner and, accordingly, there are not many knowledgeable specialists. Major fatal problems are related to digestion. It is also very dangerous overheating, injury.

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