Caring For A Chinchilla In An Apartment


Caring For A Chinchilla In An Apartment

Chinchilla, whose homeland is South America, despite its growing popularity, is still considered an exotic pet. This funny rodent captivates with its spontaneity, grace and dexterity. He will be happy to accompany you on a walk and play with you in the evening, relieving fatigue after a busy day.

Chinchilla, care of which, at first glance, may seem difficult and troublesome, feels great in a house or city apartment. If there is a desire, at home it is easy to create a beautiful animal comfortable living conditions. What you need to know to ensure proper nutrition for the chinchilla, and newborn babies feel at home as well as in the wild? We’ll talk about this today with you.

Chinchillas need care, care and attention

In order for affectionate, intelligent and friendly animals to please the owner and his family, before buying them, care must be taken to ensure a safe living at home, that is, health and safety.

Shy animals quickly catch the intonation of the owner’s voice, and if they feel anger and irritation, they hasten to hide in a secluded corner of their house. In order not to injure them, talk with chinchillas in a quiet, calm voice.

Important in maintaining chinchillas is maintaining the gastrointestinal health of exotic animals. You will learn more about their menus and the so-called “mufflers” from the video

Rodents are given special food, dried apples, oats, a little hay, a twist. Fresh vegetables and other foods can lead to illness and death.

In the cage you need to install a feeding trough, a “toilet”, a drinking bowl with fresh water, and cover the floor with fresh litter from sawdust. You can take the little one the same as for cats, but the main thing is that it does not turn out to be small. The animals are quick-witted, and quickly understand what he is for.

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The chinchilla should have a house in which she can take refuge in case of danger or just relax. For a pair or more chinchillas it is recommended to use special cells – showcases.

You will learn more about these energetic animals from the video.

What you need to know when buying a chinchilla

When purchasing a small animal, preferably, at the age of two months, take an interest, and if possible, look at the conditions under which he lived and what he ate. Take some food with you, so it will be easier for a chinchilla to adapt to new living conditions.

To maintain good health, animals need to follow a regimen, the main component of which is daytime sleep. You can’t wake up chinchillas, talking loudly next to the cage or trying to pull the animal out of it, do not disturb them in vain. In the evening, the chinchilla is playful and funny. Having slept at 6 or 8 o’clock, she will run fast, at this time it is recommended to play with her, letting her out of the cage, feed and walk. Be prepared for the fact that at night the chinchilla will also require attention to its person, because the peak of its activity falls on this particular time of day.

The cage needs to be cleaned regularly and the tray cleaned. Complete disinfection of the cell and the house is enough to do once a month. Drinking bowls and feeders are cleaned with soda solution and poured with boiling water.

Chinchilla – mother carefully takes care of her chinchillas, how newborns look, you can find out by watching the video

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In order for pets to cause as little trouble as possible, they need to be educated from the first days as soon as they appear in your house. Chinchillas understand the team, they are not scratched and have a friendly, calm character.


No matter how much you would like to increase the area of ​​free walks, let the animal run around the apartment – the top of frivolity. Besides the fact that she can get hurt, satisfying her boundless curiosity, the chinchilla will try everything in your apartment, the electric wiring, curtains, carpet and furniture legs will suffer primarily from her sharp teeth. And this is not because you didn’t organize her food properly, it’s just interesting for the animal to gnaw at anything that falls into its field of vision.

You will learn about the pros and cons of walking females and male chinchillas around the house from the video

If you decide to get a cat – a British chinchilla, get acquainted with the features of its contents at home.

How to properly care for British chinchilla at home

Keeping a British chinchilla in an apartment, like other cats, is not difficult. The main thing is to take care of her health and know her habits. Small physical activity is necessary to maintain muscle tone, with cats you can play candy wrappers or small feathers. Branches, a special column, or a little wattle in the corner of the apartment will become their favorite place for games or relaxation.

Particular attention should be paid to the purity of the auricles. Most often there are no problems with them, but if you see a large amount of sulfur, hurry to remove it. It will be useful for those who keep cats at home to know that they are periodically recommended to give solid food, this will help prevent tooth and gum disease.

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Caring for a chinchilla at home cannot be called complicated, the main thing is love and attention to a beautiful, moving animal. If you are not ready to take care of the chinchilla accordingly, it is better to postpone the purchase of the animal for later.

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