Childbirth In Chinchillas


Childbirth In Chinchillas

Obstetrics for chinchillas at home

Diagnose chinchilla pregnancy It is possible only a month after mating. She does not have a vaginal secretion. Having learned that the pet will soon give birth, the owners have many questions.

Pregnancy in these small animals lasts 3.5-4 months. It is 110-130 days. These are individual indicators. Each species has a feature. How often do chinchillas give birth? These are very prolific animals. They are able to give birth up to 4 times a year. For them, this is normal and will not bring any harm to health.

Their pregnancy proceeds calmly. There are no particular changes in their behavior and preferences. How to understand that chinchilla gives birth? Often they give birth early in the morning. Therefore, you need to monitor your favorite every morning, starting from 100-105 days. Usually she bridges into a corner or other secluded place.

When chinchilla gives birth, what to do to the owner? These animals give birth on their own. Without human help. The owner only needs to prepare a clean box in which a diaper or clean handkerchief will lie. It is advisable to place the animal there before the birth. This will give you the opportunity to observe the process, as usually animals climb into secluded places. Observation will help you control your birth and help your darling in case of difficulty.

Help chinchillas during childbirth

How much chinchilla gives birth, depends on individual characteristics. Often in 20-30 minutes she gives birth from 1 to 5 cubs, but there are exceptions. Sometimes they can appear with an interval of several hours. When chinchilla gave birth she eats the placenta from the baby. This is the protective hymen in which each cub is born.

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Chinchillas rarely have problems during childbirth, but this also happens. That is why it is necessary to be near the darling throughout all births. One of these problems is the large size of the fetus. This can lead to the fact that the chinchilla will not be able to give birth. In this case, you need to contact a veterinarian. If the baby is half crawled out and is in this position for an hour. The female will not be able to cope with this problem herself.

Another bad sign is vaginal bleeding. Contact your veterinarian urgently. This can be a serious problem for a small animal.

What to do when the chinchilla gave birth

Chinchilla gave birth, what to do? Make sure that the birth is over and the woman in labor does not have bleeding. After that, it is worth leaving her alone, but constantly watching her condition and the condition of the babies.

Chinchilla gave birth, what to do with the kids? It is worthwhile to closely monitor their condition. It is necessary to carefully monitor the health of the mother and take care for several weeks. This is worth doing until the kids grow up. When competing for a nipple, it is advisable to feed weak babies on their own. Condensed milk without sugar or a decoction of chamomile can serve as complementary foods. In this case, you need to carefully monitor their weight.

If you do not know what to do during childbirth, then it is advisable to use the help of a veterinarian.

You can call a qualified veterinarian / midwife at your home. Then your chinchilla and kids will be safe.

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