Chinchilla Behavior

– Where can you scratch chinchillas for their pleasure?

The most favorite places of scratching (each animal loves scratching in one, two or three, but not in all places at the same time):
1) under the chin (like almost everything);
2) breast (in the upper part, most like it);
3) behind the ears (not everyone likes it, the main thing is to start under the chin, and not try to cover the chinchilla with your hand from above!);
4) between the ears (remark similar to the previous one);
5) the sacrum, i.e. Above the ponytail (you need to run your fingers in the wool above the ponytail and gently "scoop up"You can’t do this with long nails. chinchillas don’t like it);
6) puziko (some animals fear tickling);
7) sides (few of the animals love, but there are, there are such.);
To find out who likes what, it is necessary by the method of affectionate and careful. "Poke"!

– How and how noisy does a chinchilla behave at night?

If you are able to sleep under the overpass, on which the subway train rumbles once every half an hour (as some people live in New York), then the chinchilla will not hurt you! If not, you will hear in the next room. Moreover, in the first days (sometimes weeks), the chinchilla can behave quite quietly at night, but then the period of getting used to the new place will end and it will suddenly start.

– Are chinchillas afraid of harsh sounds?

Chinchilla Behavior

Chinchillas are afraid of loud sounds only if they themselves do not produce them!
And if it’s really serious, then the chinchilla can respond to a loud sound at the beginning, but if this sound is repeated often and there will be no physical danger to the animal, then the chinchilla will quickly get used to such sounds and will sleep without hind legs even under "dance of rabid elephants"!
However, any noise. this, although not stress, but the load on the nervous system for sure. Therefore, the quieter the chinchilla’s room, especially during the day, the better!
In my experience, chinchillas don’t get used to these sounds:
1) sawing wood (hand or mechanical saw);
2) drilling walls and the work of a punch;
3) the knock is uneven and long (nailing, repair work);
4) starting a car engine, especially a truck (low-frequency noise);
5) the rustling of leaves in the wind with a strong wind and the sound of heavy rain.

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– My chinchilla quacks like a duck!

Your chinchilla has a nightmare (for example, that it is eaten) or. Your neighbor rearranged the chair. Or your neighbors nailed or sawed something. Or a truck drove a block away from you. Or. Or.
"Quacking" or "yapping". chinchillas have a danger signal. The animal was frightened of something and notified everyone about it. If the animal makes this sound no more than once a week. everything is good. If you hear such a sound 5-6 times per hour. bad thing. Something urgently needs to be changed, the little fluffy is nervous, and this will inevitably affect his health.

– It seems that the chinchilla is somehow sad: it sits with half-open (half-closed) eyes.

Half-closed eyes during the day. the chinchilla is just napping.

– Do chinchillas respond to changes in weather or atmospheric pressure?

Chinchillas react to the weather! But not everything is not the same.
Chinchillas expressed a reaction to rainy weather: they can announce "hunger strike", "grumble" or "hoot", like an eagle owl, sit staring, and even sometimes refuse to go out for a walk. A negative reaction can be expressed and weaker.
In windy weather, most chinchillas are nervous, hiding, eating poorly and sleeping half-eye.
With high humidity, animals eat less, sleep more, look lethargic.
In hot weather (especially if the house does not have air conditioning), chinchillas drink more, sleep more, hardly eat, look lethargic and may refuse to go for a walk.
Whether chinchillas react to atmospheric pressure changes or to magnetic storms is not yet known.

– Why does a chinchilla throw food on the floor of a cage?

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Throwing away feed. this is not revenge, rather a manifestation of discontent, but there are many reasons for this.
Maybe chinchilla was fed delicacies and ordinary granulate was not to her taste. It is also possible that the chinchilla has not walked up.

– Are chinchillas so sensitive to meeting and separation from the owner?

Chinchillas. like little dogs or cats. You are not surprised that the cat yearns without a mistress?

– Have you observed the following in your animals: when you take the baby in your arms, it starts "to reduce" (uniform head movements from one side to another). One gets the feeling that he is scared, he is afraid of something.

This is really a reaction to stress among sanguine and choleric people.
Of course, if the chinchilla shows signs of stress, it’s best to let it go right away.
If you can’t immediately release it, lower it from your hands, and you need to examine it or do some procedure, then distract the baby, it’s easiest to have a treat and a sweet word.
All the stresses of chinchillas "are treated" caress!

– Why chinchilla "peeps" under your tail?

Chinchilla "tolerates" thus its smell from under the tail to the muzzle, i.e. AT "place to meet".
But if "peeping" the chinchilla pulls litter spools from underneath and drags it into his mouth. should be worried. This means that the beast lacks some macro- or microelements. So you need to give complex vitamins for about 2-4 weeks.

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