Chinchilla Behavior

Chinchilla Behavior

– My chinchilla grinds my teeth too often. She is 4.5 months old.

This is actually not a creak, but rather a tapping with teeth.
The fact is that chinchillas constantly, throughout their lives, grow all their teeth, not just their front ones. The front chinchilla successfully grinds (of course, if you give her a solid pebble and whetstones), and the indigenous "knocks down"tapping them "to idle". When examining the teeth, you will see only the front teeth, but if they are of normal length and color, then the chewing molars are also probably in order.

– My chinchilla periodically rubs its face with its front paws. Some drool comes out of the muzzle. What could it be?

Disease called "slobbering", manifested by salivation (the whole neck, chin and chest will be wet). His reason. overgrown front (and molars) teeth. If the muzzle is dry, there is no slobbering!
Rubbing the nose with a foot. this is normal face care. Do you need to clean your nose after bathing or sniffing ?! Moreover, the nose of chinchillas "dating agency"i.e. They sniff each other’s noses, like dogs sniff each other under their tails.

– What do you think about "fainting" in a bathing room (tumble down on its side, lie down, then somersaults further)?

Is not "fainting". this "we sleep in our favorite place"!
Without exception, all chinchillas like to sleep in a bathing suit, in comfort and dryness. Another thing is that I try not to allow. And periodically I drive the chinchilla out of the bathing room. For the sake of order. So, from the point of view of the chinchilla, sleep in a bathing suit. this is normal, but from the point of view of the owner. Not really.

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Chinchilla "fell" (asymmetrically pressed) ear. Why?

This is a sign of stress. Ear as if "crumpled" cramp. At the same time, the animal can tremble with a large tremor, try to break out of its hands, clog into dark corners and make disturbing sounds. Not all symptoms may, however, occur simultaneously. Leave the baby alone for 10-15 minutes, and then transfer it to the cage (on the hands or pound). And this evening, do not let it out anymore, but periodically come to the cage, talk with the baby, praise him and treat him to treats with crumbs.
Also "don’t get up" the ear may even after a nap, if the chinchilla was lying on this ear and "stale" him. Observe and you will see that the ear "will rise" after a while.

– My chinchillas love to kiss.

Dogs sniff each other under the tail, and chinchillas sniff each other’s noses! Chinchilla perceives a person as a strange big chinchilla and tries to get to know each other better in his chinchilla style.
When Mommy Chinchilla "kisses" his baby in the nose, while he squeaks loudly.
The same series also applies to wiping the nose with a cam or foot. This is not only cleaning the nose, especially after bathing, but also transferring your smell to the right place. Sometimes before wiping the nose, the chinchilla may pre "look in" down your tail. This is normal.

– What does biting each other’s chinchillas mean?

This is a mutual grooming. If, for example, you begin to carefully sort your chinchilla with your fingers under the chin and chest, then most likely the animal will begin to bite your fingers gently, i.e. To disassemble you in gratitude "wool". Which you, unfortunately, do not have.
That is why it is better to keep a couple of chinchillas, they will be used by each other without your participation. If there is only one beast, you need to monitor whether there is wool that has fallen off on the beast and, if necessary, comb it carefully.

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– Sometimes, when chinchillas quarrel, a smell appears, as if someone (sorry, please) farted.

This is an outward manifestation of discontent, not infrequently due to some unsatisfied desire.
I am so "pharmaceutical" smell (similar to the smell of vitamins of group B.) noticed in such cases:
1) the male tried "climb in" on the female and she drove him away (while the male most often grins with displeasure and makes sweeping movements with his tail);
2) teenagers males "are training" on each other as on a female and at times quarrel over this;
3) the beast was not allowed to climb somewhere or somehow fool around, moreover, several times in a row;
4) the beast was frightened of something (it emits a smell and at the same time gives a signal of danger, after which it rapidly "flies away" hide).

– Do chinchillas bite?

Biting and biting, in my opinion, are various actions.
Moreover, biting can also be divided into several types.
So, if a chinchilla bites it:
one) "growls" throaty and sometimes hoarse "squeaks";
2) leaves at least deep dents on the hand, and sometimes even bites the skin of the hands;
3) is actively torn from the hands;
4) sometimes shakes his head, most often with a severe restriction of her freedom.
When a chinchilla bites her hand she:
1) does not make sounds;
2) tilts his head and sniffs fingers between bites;
3) touches the fingers with the paws (it can angrily rake off the fingers with the paws to the side);
4) dissatisfied "turns"but quietly;
5) may try to get out of hand;
6) shallow dents may remain on the hands, with a bite it is almost not painful.
If a chinchilla gently bites it:
1) first sniffs the hand and fingers;
2) often touches a paw;
3) can sometimes lick;
4) substitutes the muzzle so that you comb it out too, while blissfully squinting his eyes;
5) there are no traces on the hands.
Most often, chinchillas begin "try on the tooth" and check on the edibility of a person’s hands at 2-3 weeks of age and unlearn painfully bite at the same time at 2-2.5 months. Of course, if wean them from this!

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