Chinchilla Colors Palette Of Shades


Chinchilla Colors Palette Of Shades


Natural or standard color chinchilla – Gray. Its feature is light and dark areas on the axial hair. Therefore, the skin of chinchilla standard color pockmarked. The darkest part is the back, the tummy is completely white. Such colors of chinchillas, as standard, have a variety of variations: from dark to light silver-gray.

Animals with even extra-dark color skins are used for crossing with individuals of the Black Velvet color. Light gray plants with purple, beige and sapphire chinchillas.

Chinchilla Colors Palette Of Shades

Black velvet

Rodents of this type have a clear dark mask, without bright areas around the eyes and gloves on their paws. The colors of black chinchillas are characterized by rich shades. A distinctive feature of such animals is crook in the nose. Qualitative color excludes the presence of a smooth transition from the black body to the white abdomen, it should be sharp.

Chinchilla colors, such as Black Velvet, are high quality if they do not have ripples and poorly stained patches on the neck and legs. Animals of this color are crossed with any other colors except Black Velvet.

Chinchilla Colors Palette Of Shades


This color includes a range of shades from dark brown to light beige. A characteristic feature of these animals is dark red eyes and canapules on the ears.

The most valuable colors of hetero-beige chinchillas are cold gray and coffee. A rusty shade of wool is unpopular with breeders. Beige chinchillas are planted with animals of any color.

Chinchilla Colors Palette Of Shades

Wilson’s White

Characteristics of high-quality white color: a dark ring at the root of the tail, black eyes, dark gray ears and perfect white fur.

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Chinchilla Colors Palette Of Shades

Forms of the "White Wilson"

Silvery. Part of the axial hair has black patches, due to which blurry gray spots are visible on the fur.

Mosaic. The presence of chinchilla fur spots, from black to gray.

Chinchilla Colors Palette Of Shades

Extra mosaic – a rare form. It is characterized by the presence of dark spots on the skin of the animal with clear boundaries.

Platinum. The fur coat of the animal is covered with a gray veil.

Tricolor – the rarest variety of chinchilla color. It combines white, black and gray colors, creating fancy stripes and spots on the animal’s fur.

White velvet

The animals of this color are similar to the "White Wilson", but have the following features: dark mask, diagonal stripes on the legs, wide limbs, velvet fluff on the nose. Ears are gray or black. The presence of dark spots and dusting is not a sign of marriage. "White Velvet" has many forms formed by various combinations of spots.

Chinchilla Colors Palette Of Shades

Brown velvet

One of rarest colors chinchillas. Such animals have pinkish ears, covered with dark dots, cherry eyes, brown stripes on their paws, a clear mask. It sits well with white, beige and homo-beige colors.

Chinchilla Colors Palette Of Shades


Breeders are still working on animals of this type, trying to stabilize its characteristic features. Qualitative colors of purple chinchillas have bright shades of fur and white belly. The Violet’s ears are pink. The presence of yellowish and milky shades on the abdomen is a sign of marriage.

Chinchilla Colors Palette Of Shades


Animals of this type possess blue fur with light ripples. The ears and nose of the sapphires are pink, the stomach is white. Work on improving this breed is ongoing. There are several types of Sapphire colors:

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