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Chinchilla Content

Animals with velvet hair carefully observe people with their black bead eyes with pupils vertical, like a snake. Similar to a cross between a squirrel and a rabbit, these funny animals, nevertheless, remain by themselves – Fimo and Bonei’s chinchillas. Each has its own character, which is clearly manifested literally five minutes after meeting. The "lady" is modest and shy, and the "gentleman", on the contrary, is sociable and courageous. The soft couple lives in the Egorov family, who consider their chinchillas to be perfect pets and don’t have a soul in them. The content of chinchillas was a huge joy for them.

Loud dreams

As soon as Boniface (or at home Bonya), who at that time was two months old, crossed the threshold of his new home, it became clear: he was destined to be a universal favorite. Indeed, to remain indifferent, watching the habits of an unusual animal, is simply impossible!

“Our first discovery was that chinchillas talk in a dream,” recalls Natalya Egorova. – At night, Bonya was noisy, and during the day rested and at the same time made very loud and unpleasant sounds. I can’t even explain what they look like, but we were really scared. They were afraid that the baby was sick, but then it turned out that chinchillas had dreams in the order of things. However, over time, they still moved the noisy Boniface to another room – everyone is calmer.

Velor family

About a year after the housewarming, Boniface got bored. And its owners by this time had already re-read a lot of literature about the habits of chinchillas, so it was not difficult for them to understand: the animal yearned for loneliness.

– In nature, chinchillas usually live in pairs, and even gay marriage occurs because there are more males than females. Considering that animals can live for 20-30 years at home, we decided not to doom our guy to such a long loneliness and get him a life partner, ”says Natalya.

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So Fima appeared in the family – an adult, but very shy chinchilla. But the girl was not only smart, but also disciplined. She quickly learned the “home” command, which the boy also knows, but does not always fulfill. Since then, Bonya and Fima have already thrilled their hosts three times with replenishment in their “velvet” family. Pregnancy in chinchillas lasts 111 days – even longer than in cats, but offspring are born with fur and eyes open and almost immediately become independent.

Idyll reigns in relations of "velor" spouses. Periodically they are seated in different cells, but then what is the moment of reunion! The animals show wild enthusiasm and immediately begin to care for each other, cleaning their hair. However, chinchillas can get along with other animals. Brother Bonny loves to hunt for a cat, which, however, does not show interest in him at all, and one of his sons found a faithful friend in the face of Shar Pei and since then has even been sleeping in the arms of a dog.

“Keep away from water”

Unlike the more traditional smaller brothers – cats and dogs. Chinchillas are odorless and absolutely do not fade. Nature rewarded them with a very thick and dense coat, which always looks beautiful and does not need special care, including combing. In order to be in shape, it is enough for the animal to provide access to the container with special sand. There, the chinchilla will joyfully “splash” as the coat becomes dirty. But if animals simply adore dry swimming, then wet is categorically contraindicated to them.

– Water for chinchilla – taboo. It is very difficult to dry such a thick coat, and as a result, the pet may catch a cold and die. If somewhere the chinchilla is still accidentally wet, it should be dried as soon as possible with the help of baby powder, Natalya advises.

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By the way, after water procedures, a non-shedding animal can begin to say goodbye to hair. But not because of contact with the liquid, but from the shock transferred. Chinchillas are very gentle and shy creatures, and molting is one of the manifestations of their sensitive nature. Also, from fear, they can painfully bite the owner, and sometimes even die. The more you know about these animals, the easier and more understandable the chinchilla content becomes.

– It is believed that chinchillas do not tolerate harsh sounds. Hearing them, they can be frightened to shock and not come to their senses. But we absolutely do not want to check it, so we try not to make noise, ”Natalya laughs.

To open the cell door, the couple began to raid home belongings, while no one was home. During their wanderings, chinchillas “re-read” many books and unearthed all the flowers. Once, having broken free, the animals nibbled the new boots of their mistress.

By the way, Natalia was offended by them for this: “They never eat shoes anymore, only mine.”

But, in general, all these pranks, although they do not give pleasure to the owners, do not affect the health of the “pests.” However, in the apartment of curious rodents there are many dangers, the meeting with which is often fraught with death. The main enemy of chinchillas is electric wires. If you consider that it is their animals that prefer to spoil more than all other items combined, the risk to their life increases by an order of magnitude. The owners of Boni and Fima took this into account in advance and isolated electrical sources of danger.

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Nevertheless, it is impossible to foresee all the options that pets would like to try for a tooth. And so Natalia acquired a special device – a walking ball. This is such a round plastic container, inside which the animal is placed and rolls around in the apartment, without harming itself or the things of the owners.

– In principle, it is enough for them to walk once a week. It happens that we let them out more often, because it is interesting to watch them, says Natalya. – But in general, walks for chinchillas are not a prerequisite for their maintenance. However, animals constantly locked up quickly lose their shape. And they themselves love to run around.

Confirming the words of the hostess, Boniface demonstrates the wonders of acrobatics, trying to roll behind a cupboard right in the walking ball.

“Chinchillas are wonderful pets,” concludes Natalya, watching the pet’s tricks.

And even such a short acquaintance with this charming velvet animal is enough to sincerely agree with this.

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