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Chinchilla. my gentle and gentle bully

In large cities, more and more chinchillovodov at exhibitions. more and more excitement, more and more participants. Large nurseries and private breeders bring chinchillas from abroad and breed them at home: in this way, an ever-increasing variety of stunningly beautiful colors appears in St. Petersburg: not only standard, white or black, but also beige, chocolate, not only solid, but also mosaic, etc.

Once, everything was completely different. a chinchilla story could have had the saddest ending. The fabulous chinchilla fur caused the mass destruction of animals in the wild, which is why the species Chinchilla Laniger (Chinchilla Longtail) was on the verge of extinction. But a miracle did happen: one American researcher brought several chinchillas to the United States and tried to breed them on a farm. The result was overwhelming!

The wonderful velvety fur coats of animals were distinguished by excellent quality, which cannot be obtained in the wild: no natural enemies, mechanical injuries and injuries, good nutrition, satiety and contentment did their job. And then, when a few more years passed, the man realized that no beauty and luxury can be compared with communicating with an affectionate, playful, inquisitive, cheerful and intelligent animal. It became clear: a chinchilla is useful to a person not only as an object for fur trade, but also as a pet.

The metal feeder is remarkable in that it is almost eternal: it is made of durable stainless alloys that cannot be broken or ruined. It is noteworthy that rodents do not gnaw and do not sharpen their teeth on glass and clay things, preferring plastic and even a harder and stronger wood.

This feature should be taken into account when buying a new (or replacing an old) cell. Given the specific behavior of the chinchilla, the cage should be as spacious as possible. These animals are unusually mobile, and sooner or later there will come a time when you go on vacation or a business trip, stay at a party with friends or relatives and you can’t "walk" your pet, leaving it in the care of households for one or several days.

Chinchilla Content

At this time, the animal should not feel locked in the prison cell: of course, the cage cannot satisfy the needs of a moving, active animal, but in a large cage where there are 2-3 floors or shelves that you can jump onto, it will feel more – less tolerable.

Attention! Purchasing Chinchilla Accessories "house"remember" neither the stairs nor the running wheel should consist of metal rods or have a honeycomb structure: in them the chinchilla’s legs can get stuck and the beast risks being injured (and in the worst case, and get a limb fracture). These parts must be solid, plastic, and when they become unusable, they can easily be replaced.

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Of course, chinchilla is acquired by the owners consciously; you are looking forward to a long and happy life for your pet and are ready to give him the best. However, do not give in to temptations! Gorgeous, expensive, beautiful and spacious cages resembling entire mansions, with plastic doors and fasteners. this is money thrown to the wind. Of course, you will bring incredible pleasure to your pet, which will gnaw all plastic parts and can easily escape from the cage, but for the owner this option will be a torment.

Chinchillas do not like water, they never lick their fur coat (and we’ll talk about how to care for chinchilla fur a little later). In addition, unlike rabbits, guinea pigs and many other rodents, fresh, succulent products (for example, green grass or vegetables) are strictly contraindicated for a delicate and sensitive digestive tract. But this does not mean at all that the body of a chinchilla does not need fluid! To solve this problem, the animal needs a drinker for water with a ball tip: the chinchilla herself will understand when and in what quantities she wants to drink, so the drinker should be regularly checked for water. it must always be complete.

Chinchilla diet consists of a special feed mixture, hay and water. A specific chinchilla food is needed: this animal is by no means suitable for a universal mixture with the inscription "for all types of rodents"; food should be intended specifically for chinchillas! Most of these feeds contain compressed herbal granules, cereal grains, vitamin supplements, and sometimes tidbits of dried fruits, nuts or berries. We must not forget about the hay. it, like water, must be present in the cell constantly. Hay is best placed in a special stationary or hanging container so that it is not scattered around the cage and trampled.

If you want to pamper your pet with something tasty, stock up on dried fruits, dried berries, nuts (not fried or salted in any way!). However, a treat is a treat. the animal should receive it when it is already fed. In addition, a properly trained beast will clearly understand that begging, a mildly crooked face, asking eyes and other tricks will not "persistent" host: the amount of goodies in the diet of the animal should be strictly limited. The desire to pamper your pet. This is a natural condition for every person, but it is strictly forbidden to feed chinchilla with delicacies!

For example, high-calorie nuts with a large amount of fat contained in them adversely affect the liver, so chinchilla can be no more than one nut per day. In addition, the spoiling of the animal leads to the fact that it refuses to accept "usual" feed. not so tasty, but rich in vitamins and nutrients indispensable for health. The list of allowed products that can please the animal includes, as already mentioned, dried fruits, peeled nuts (peanuts, half a walnut at a time, hazelnuts), crispy diet bread without salt, sugar or spices.

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In summer and closer to autumn, for chinchillas, you can collect and dry strawberries, blueberries, red rowan berries, apple slices, pears, etc.

When making a chinchilla diet, remember one crucial condition! As we said above, these animals have a specific structure of the gastrointestinal tract. Fresh chinchillas are strictly contraindicated: fruits, vegetables, fresh green grass. If you want to pamper your chinchilla with something like that. Be sure to dry it properly, or at least during the day, dry the grass, pieces of fruit or leaves.

In addition to feeders with food and hay, a drinking bowl filled with fresh water at room temperature, a special mineral stone should always be in the chinchilla’s cage for grinding teeth. The modern zoo market offers many different stones and wooden "pogushki" from various manufacturers: curly, multi-colored, flavored, salted or salt-free, with the addition of pieces of dried vegetables or fruits, but not all of them are like and suitable for chinchillas. Most often, large mineral stones are purchased for chinchillas, the packaging of which indicates that they are intended for large rodents. rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. In addition to helping grind teeth, mineral stone. it is a source of calcium.

Purchased sand is a mass of clean, tiniest particles that can penetrate the thickest wool and crumble from it without any problems. Bathing a chinchilla should be about 1 time in 2-4 days, but here you should take into account the humidity and temperature in the apartment: in summer and with high humidity, the animal needs a daily bath. You will have to purchase a special container for this procedure. a bathing place in which sand is poured. Chinchilla herself will understand when she needs to take these "the procedures": she climbs into the sand, rolls, and sometimes barely audibly rumbles with pleasure.

After bathing, the bathing suit must be removed: the animal loves to constantly wallow in the sand and may even fall asleep in it, and this is not useful for the skin of a chinchilla. Many chinchillovodi practice bathing chinchillas in the bathroom, where the bathing with the animal is transported: this will protect the room from dust, and the household. from allergies. In this case, the bathing should be closed so that the beast could not escape. catching a chinchilla in an inaccessible place is very difficult.

In addition to swimming in the sand, the chinchillovod will have to face the problem of molting sooner or later: the soft and dense, fluff-like, chinchilla wool scatters when it falls out throughout the apartment. When the animal begins to molt, dead hair can be combed out with a comb. At chinchillas exhibitions one can sometimes find on sale special tools for grooming chinchillas: a comb with strong small teeth, a brush-slicker reminiscent of a cat.

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Grooming. This is the preparation of chinchilla wool for the show. so that it lies well, the smallest particles of sand for bathing and tiny dead hairs need to be combed out properly. At home, this procedure is not necessary, but it is necessary to periodically help the animal get rid of the lost hair. It is difficult to keep an unusually active animal in place, therefore, to this "marathon" Chinchilla must be taught from childhood.

And finally. about walks, games and entertainment of chinchillas. When an animal frolics in a room, it is necessary to remove electric, telephone and computer wires from its path: rodents really like to try them on the tooth, and the consequences can be very sad. Also protect valuable, beating, expensive items from a small vandal. as we have already said, the chinchilla is very curious and agile, so after its hectic games the room sometimes resembles a battlefield.

Also, make sure that the windows are closed at the time of the walk: the chinchilla accelerates and jumps very high, almost human height and even taller, so a lousy beast can simply fly out through an open window and an irreparable tragedy will occur. Best of all, when chinchilla walks are carried out under the supervision of the owner. For a walk, chinchillas can be entertained: for example, many animals love to play with a spool of thread or a toy ball, like a kitten, but here it all depends on the individuality of each animal.

A good option for the peace of mind of the owner. This is the purchase of a special walking ball. the animal is placed in it and closed with a lid. Chinchilla can ride in a ball as long as you like while you do your household chores.

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