Chinchilla Diet

Chinchilla Diet

Chinchillas are herbivores, so no animal products should be given to them.

The main diet should consist of granular chinchillas and grain mixes.

Every evening, you need to give 1.5-2 tbsp. Spoon the main granular feed and 1 time in 2-3 days (preferably in the morning). one tablespoon (for an adult chinchilla) grain mix. There should be constant water in the drinker! Water needs to be changed every day or every other day. Hay should be in constant access.

You can give chinchilla goodies (for a week):

one. 3-4 rose hips
2. 2 fruits of Chokeberry
3. 3 fruits of hawthorn
four. 1 pumpkin seed (prevention of worms, but not recommended for pregnant females)
five. One slice of fresh apple (small, and better for constipation)
6. One slice of dry apple.
7. Slice of dried carrots
eight. ½ plates of diet bread (wheat or oat)
9. Spikelet of Chumiza

Chinchilla Diet

For one day, choose one or more goodies from the list and treat your pet. In no case do not give a lot of goodies at once – this can adversely affect the health of your pet (constipation, diarrhea, bloating). Chinchillas love sweets very much and know how to beg for them, please use goodies wisely!

You can give dry leaves: nettles (not recommended for pregnant women), mulberries, apple trees, dandelions, plantain (for diarrhea), birch (good for immunostimulation), acacia, alfalfa (give very little, there may be diarrhea), clover, hawthorn (along with color) , tea rose or rosehip petals, leaves and flowers of wild strawberry, calendula color, linden color, acacia color, dandelion color.

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You can also give tree branches (apple, pear, willow, birch, poplar, mulberry).

Do not give chinchillas branches and fruits of stone fruits (they contain hydrocyanic acid).

Chinchilla diet should be free from seeds and nuts. they are harmful to animals.

For toothbrushing put a special stone in the cage for grinding teeth, you can put another mineral stone and hang a salt stone.

It is possible to put in a cage a cut-rodent of an apple tree or a birch.

You can also give once a week calcium vitamins (for example, in a veterinary pharmacy – "Calcium-Di" 1 1/2 tablets. 1 time / week).

Very useful for chinchillas: Echinacea herb (immunostimulant, supports the body’s defenses – you can give 1 pinch per week), dandelion root (improves appetite), nettle (for weight gain and immunomodulation), chicory herb (for appetite).

All herbs and twigs should be washed and dried, or at least well dried. It is necessary to collect everything away from the tracks and carriageways in order to avoid poisoning with heavy metals and harmful impurities.

Please carefully read the above recommendations for eating chinchillas. Follow them strictly. your pets will thank you with good health, good health and active physical fitness!

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