Chinchilla Feed

Chinchilla Feed

How can you treat the animal at home in addition to the main feed
dried rosehips, hawthorn, mountain ash, viburnum and other berries;
raisins, dried apricots, figs, prunes, dried apple slices, dried bananas, papaya, also other exotic fruits;
dried carrots, beets, and even dried onions;
potatoes can be given only in a baked sliced ​​circle without salt and oil in the form of chips, but not dried, but dried.

All of the above can be given to the animal until it reaches 8 months only once a week, the size of a raisin, until this age chinchillas mature and they also form the gastrointestinal tract. Of fresh fruit, they can be offered only a slice of apple during this period, and of vegetables only a thin circle of carrots. After eight months, you can already give treats once a day, but no more than two berries, so that there is no vitamin deficiency and diabetes mellitus. And it’s better to alternate the goodies, that is, today an apple, tomorrow a wild rose, after tomorrow raisins and so on then there will be no metabolic disorder in the animal. After eight months, you can try to give various fresh fruits, berries and greens in the spring-summer period, but only very carefully and in small pieces or one berry the size of a twist.

What is absolutely impossible to feed chinchilla
Raw cabbage. stomach may swell.
Raw potatoes. may be poisoning from corned beef poison present in it.
Cheese, milk, butter, meat, fish, herring, chicken, sausage.
Poisonous indoor plants.
Herbs that are poisonous to chinchillas: St. John’s wort, ferns, horsetails, chytin, raven eye, poisonous ranunculus, henbane, dope.
Pine nuts, Brazil nut.

Chinchilla Feed

Hay for feeding chinchillas can be given only the first mowing and is given a pinch only once or twice a week in addition to the main feed, it serves for normal intestinal motility. Therefore, it is better to harvest hay by ourselves so that herbs that are poisonous to chinchillas do not get into it. If you are not sure about the hay, it is better not to give it at all. If you purchase food in our club, then it already contains the required amount and you do not need to purchase it additionally.

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We had the sad experience of using hay as the main feed. Then we thought that it would be better for the health of the animal, and used it even as a litter. But as a result, we got an entire nursery of chinchillas with very poor quality fur, chinchillas looked like shabby stray cats with fallen down greasy fur. How upset we were then! But we also had other nurseries, and we quickly realized what was the matter, and excluded so much hay from the diet, and literally two months later these chinchillas began to recover their appearance.

CHINCHILLA CLUB recommends using special balanced chinchilla feeds.

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