Chinchilla Has A Festering Eye; It Needs Treatment And Further Prevention


An exotic animal, the chinchilla was introduced from the South American continent.

Cute and charming – this small animal also has delicious meat and valuable fur.

Therefore, it is kept on farms for industrial purposes, and in houses, like decorative animals.

Like other pets – chinchilla needs attention from the owners. And if your ward has a chinchilla eye that festering, then you need to not only treat it, but also know the causes of the disease.

Diagnosis of the disease

If the pet is surrounded by attention, then changes in the behavior of the animal will not hide from the eyes of the owner. And it will be even more noticeable if the chinchilla’s eyes are festering. This may be a sign of the following diseases:

  • Conjunctivitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane – the conjunctiva, in which there is not only suppuration and souring of the eye, and, first of all, lacrimation.
  • Cataracts are a clouding of the eye lens, which occurs mainly in older animals.
  • Inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye due to its mechanical damage by something, at least part of the litter.
  • Inflammation of the eye membrane due to insufficient intake of vitamin A.

The animal has sore eyes

Painful condition – festering of the eye can be a symptom of completely different diseases.

Chinchilla Has A Festering Eye; It Needs Treatment And Further Prevention

Therefore, it is difficult to make a diagnosis on your own, it is necessary to consult a specialist who knows the characteristics of the animal’s body and methods of treatment.

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If conjunctivitis is treated on its own, and the disease may turn out to be another disease, then instead of relieving the animal, it will get complications, and may even die.

If the chinchilla has a festering eye, the reasons for this lie, first of all, in the improper care and nutrition of the animal.

So, the appearance of conjunctivitis can be caused by unsanitary conditions in the cell or a lack of carotene – vitamin A in chinchilla food.

A very simple cause of eye inflammation is the ingress of sand from the litter of the animal, which also depends on timely cleaning of the cell.

There is the most serious cause of chinchilla eye diseases – getting a viral infection or cooling the body and, as a result, a cold.

If the chinchilla has a festering eye, treatment should be started immediately.


The most accessible and will not bring harm such a first aid method as rubbing the eyes with tincture of calendula or chamomile.

But this is not enough, and what else is needed for a full recovery – this will tell the veterinarian.

With mechanical damage to the lining of the eye, various steroid eye ointments will help.

But you can buy them only after consulting a veterinarian, he can also teach how to do this rubbing yourself.

For the correct diagnosis, it is necessary to analyze other painful symptoms and changes in the behavior of the chinchilla. And only a doctor can prescribe the correct treatment with medicines, which include not only ointments and drops, but possibly antibiotics.

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From him you can learn that the animal does not receive enough vitamins and needs proper nutrition. What this food should consist of – the veterinarian will also advise.

Chinchillas have good resistance to various diseases. Animal owners should pay attention to:

  • Timely cell cleaning
  • The temperature regime of the content of the animal
  • Proper nutrition
  • Be in a draft
  • Wash in some water
  • Bask in the sun
  • Overeat sweets
  • Eat cottage cheese
  • Eat dirty vegetables and fruits.
  • Being stressed

Disease prevention has always been the best treatment. Subject to the necessary conditions, the pet will be healthy and active. And his health can be judged by:

  • Sparkling and clear eyes without secretions and opacities
  • Wet and clean nose
  • Straight teeth bright orange
  • Open mouth
  • Light odorless urine
  • Shiny and soft fur
  • Dry genitals
  • By injustice and energy
Chinchilla Has A Festering Eye; It Needs Treatment And Further Prevention

About chinchilla eye diseases, causes and treatment, you can watch the video:

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