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Chinchilla is a herbivorous animal. He needs a variety of good quality food. Feed him only purchased food is not enough. In nature, these charming rodents feed on all kinds of herbaceous plants, cereals and legumes, mosses. Do not ignore the bark of trees, branches of shrubs and even cacti, and on occasion do not mind eating insects. How to feed chinchillas at home?

Fresh water and good quality hay should always be available to the animal in the cage.

  • Water needs to be changed several times a day, more often in summer. The drinker needs to be emptied, washed with hot water and baking soda. Use quality water as a last resort. well-maintained water supply.
  • Hay young dandelion greens, wheat and oat sprouts – give them preference. You can also offer your pet plantain, strawberry leaves, burdock greens and nettles. Rinse fresh grass under running water, then remove moisture with a tissue. Cereal and meadow herbs are the best choice. It’s just a dietary supplement, but a vital supplement. 25 g of hay – this is the minimum amount that the animal must eat. Dry the hay well. Before giving the animal, carefully inspect the grass. Moldy hay chinchilla do not offer.
  • Grain feed is another essential component of the diet. Millet and barley, wheat and corn are suitable.
  • Legumes are important for the normal health of pets. Offer lentils and beans, as well as peas.
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Goodies for chinchillas

Pampering your favorites with something delicious is always a pleasure. Offer them:

  • Raisins (1 pc.);
  • Dry apples;
  • Shredded dried apricots (a little!);
  • The fruits of barberry;
  • Dog-rose fruit.
Chinchilla Menu

Treats can be given in small quantities. Place dry twigs in the cage – with their help, the animal grinds its teeth. Do not use coniferous wood. You can offer tea rose petals – but by no means purchased, since they are processed by chemicals. You can give bread – a yeast-free crackers, a little.

What else can you diversify the diet of chinchillas:

  • Dry tea leaves – green, black tea or mate. Only natural, without artificial flavors. Give in an amount of not more than a third of a coffee spoon and not every day.
  • Dry Sudanese rose petals – it is also Hibiscus tea, to offer in small quantities (weakens).
  • 1 leaf lettuce.
  • Clovers and alfalfa love animals! But limit them: dry herbs – no more than 8 g per day, fresh herbs – no more than 6 g. Add to hay – but gradually and not every day.
  • They love carrots, but don’t give much.

What you can not give chinchillas

  • Food for other animals – rabbits and mice, degus and rats is not suitable for chinchillas.
  • Do not offer food from your table – this is a risk to the life and health of pets.
  • Grass and branches from the street can lead to poisoning of animals.
  • Very sweet foods.
  • Laxatives – prunes, beets.
  • Gas-forming products – cabbage, sweet pepper.
  • Cottage cheese also causes bloating.
  • Honey.
  • Indoor plants – many of them are poisonous and will lead to the death of the animal.
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Chinchillas love nuts, but they cannot, but pine nuts in small quantities can.

Experienced chinchillovs claim that animals will not eat what poisoning entails. But a caring owner must check the list of allowed foods before feeding the animal. If in doubt, do not risk it!

Chinchilla Menu

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