Chinchilla Sex Determination


Chinchilla Sex Determination

How to distinguish an adult male from a female

Knowing the gender of your pet is necessary not only for those who are breeding or planning to do it. Even if there is only one pet, it’s better to understand: is it a boy or a girl. One day, the question may arise of buying a same-sex couple to their furry pet. Together, the animals will not be bored, and if the couple is heterosexual, then the appearance of offspring cannot be avoided. Not all breeders have the ability to support a chinchilla family and search for new owners for young puppies.

Outwardly, a chinchilla boy is no different from a girl. Animals have almost the same size, structure and body shape, weight.

There is only one real and reliable method for determining the gender of a chinchilla. To do this, you need to know the features and differences in the structure and location of the external genitalia. If this is the first experience, it will be very difficult to understand whether it is a boy or a girl. The genitals may seem very similar. However, there is still a difference. In males, the distance between the anus and the penis is more noticeable. In the female, the distance between the anus and the vagina is practically absent.

Chinchilla Sex Determination

In order to see the location of the genitals in the chinchilla you need:

  • Gently raise the animal by the tail,
  • Examine the genitals,
  • If necessary, spread the fur with your fingers,
  • Release the animal and be sure to give a treat.
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In rare cases in males, the crotch between the anus and the penis may stick together due to contamination of the fur. That is why it is recommended to spread the fur.

If it is possible to observe the animals for several hours, you can find distinguishing secondary signs:

  • Females are often larger
  • The females are more active

Chinchilla Sex Determination

In the chinchilla group, it is the females that occupy a leading position. However, these symptoms depend on many factors and have many reservations. So, the female will be larger than the male only if the conditions of detention and feeding were good. The animal will show normal activity only in a comfortable and calm environment.

How to determine the gender of a chinchilla puppy

In a newborn chinchilla, sex is quite difficult to determine and it is not always possible to distinguish cubs even with experienced breeders. If a chinchilla couple gives birth for the first time, it’s better to take a photo of the newborn babies and show them to a professional breeder or ratologist. In chinchilla children, sex is determined by the same method as in adults – by the distance between the anus and the penis or vagina. However, the difficulty is that in babies this distance can be the same.

Sometimes it helps that there are five or six puppies in the litter. Among the babies there will certainly be heterosexual individuals, and with careful comparison, you can distinguish boys from girls. You can wait a few months until the cubs grow up. And after you know the gender – to plant females and males in different cells to prevent accidental and unwanted mating.

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Chinchilla Sex Determination

Who is better to choose: male or female

Who to choose: a boy or a girl is the most common question. Which gender is better depends on personal preferences and likes. Males usually have a more relaxed character, they are less aggressive and not as talkative as females. The price for a male chinchilla is often lower than for a female.

Males are more human oriented and sociable. If the animal is bought for children, then the choice most often falls precisely on the male.

Females have a more lively temperament, are characterized by talkativeness and activity. During estrus, they can be aggressive, and they can also be aggressive in the first few days in a new house. Females are more susceptible to stress, but also more curious, playful and watching them is much more interesting.

Differences in character can be arbitrary: it all depends on the animal. Chinchillas have an individual character and sometimes you can see the aggressive behavior of the male and a careful, attentive female.

If the plans include breeding chinchillas and buying only one pet – temporary, then you should make a choice in favor of the male. A female in a chinchilla family will definitely take a leading position in any case. And if a male is planted with a previously purchased female, serious fights cannot be avoided. Animals will need much more time to get used to.

As a pet, choose an animal aged six to eight months.

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