Chinchilla Wool Fell Down What To Do

Chinchilla Wool Fell Down What To Do

Why isn’t chinchilla perfect wool?
Chinchilla wool is special, very thick. The hair has a length of 3-4 cm, thin, soft. That is why the animal is strictly forbidden to get wet. If the coat got dirty in some way and stuck together, then instead of bathing, try carefully wiping off the dirt with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or vodka. After evaporation of alcohol, the quality of the coat does not deteriorate.

Be especially careful when holding the animal in your arms, especially not tamed. They have the ability to completely "lose" hair under stress and this can significantly spoil your animal’s appearance.

Chinchillas must swim in special fine sand. In this way they clean their coat.

If your chinchilla has sand for swimming, it has not gotten wet, but its coat is knocked down, shortened, with bald spots, it has crusts or dandruff on its skin – it is likely that it is sick. These can be diseases that are not contagious, for example: due to the lack of coarse fiber in the diet, chinchillas simply bite their hair on their sides, hormonal imbalances (go bald in certain places). Due to an improperly balanced diet, metabolic disorders, due to wounds, abrasions, and allergies. And there can also be contagious diseases: various types of lichen, wool-eaters, fleas, lice, ticks and other ectoparasites, bacterial and viral infections. They pose a threat to the life of the animal, and sometimes dangerous to humans. That is why at the first signs of deterioration in the quality of your chinchilla’s coat, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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What colors are found in chinchillas?
The color of wild individuals is yellow-gray or gray-blue. There are mutational color options: beige, platinum, black-velvet, white-velvet, sapphire. Homoebony is distinguished by a special silkiness, shine of wool with various tints. Velvet ebony – dark color of the back and a mask on the head. Violet color – the back is dark lilac, the tummy is white. Brown velvet is light to dark brown in color, and the stomach and back are white. White-pink – the ears are pink with black spots, and the eyes are pink to dark ruby ​​in color, the coat is white, brown spots of various localization are possible.

What is the life span of chinchillas?
There is an opinion that at home, chinchilla lives 10-15 years, sometimes up to 18-20. However, meeting with such a centenarian is a rarity. Try to create the right conditions for your pupil. Avoid stress. Because of them, chinchillas can worsen chronic diseases and increase the risk of contracting new infections brought on their hands, the owner’s shoes, with hay, and infections transmitted from other pets.

Do chinchillas often have injuries?
The content of such active animals in the cells is associated with the likelihood of increased injury. These are mainly fractures due to extremities between the bars of a cell or aviary. When kept together, chinchillas can injure each other. If you allow your pupil to walk around the room, make sure that children and pets do not harm the chinchilla. In the room for walking, all wires should be hidden, the windows should be tightened with a mesh, the furniture of the room should be thought out.

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Are chinchillas diseases dangerous for humans?
Firstly, allergies can occur in chinchillas and especially fine sand for them in adults and children. Secondly, like any animals, chinchillas can be a source of various infections in the apartment. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the rules of basic hygiene – do not put the cage with the animal in the bedroom, nursery, in the kitchen, after talking with the chinchilla, wash your hands, consult a veterinarian specialist about the need for preventive tests.

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