Chinchillas Are Very Shy How To Tame


Chinchillas are naturally fearful animals, so the golden rule for you should be the following: never rush to become good friends from the first minute you meet. Imposing How to Train Your Chinchilla to Your Friendship will only scare the chinchilla. It will take several days when the animal settles in its new territory, and then you can begin to create trusting, friendly relations.

Please note that for the chinchilla the daily routine is very important, determine the time (preferably from 18.00-19.00) for feeding, as well as changing the water in the bottle and of course the exercises.

The first steps to friendship. Gently speak with your pet, passing the cage, repeating its name (nickname). Several times a day, you can offer her a small piece of sweet (for example, raisins – a favorite treat of chinchillas). However, you should not immediately give a whole zest – half is enough, since too much raisin can cause diarrhea, but 1-2 raisins a day, for the sake of pleasure, are quite suitable.

At first you can offer her a treat through the cells of the cell, while talking to her. The main thing is not to scare the pet with sudden movements. Always move slowly when approaching a cage. Some make a specific sound when they approach a cage with a treat. It may look silly, but over time, chinchillas associate this sound with a certain action (for example, brought goodies) and begin to joyfully meet you.

Continue to build your relationship in this way for several days, observing the behavior of your animal. Over time, the chinchilla becomes more brave and you can, armed with a twist, open the cage door very carefully, talking all the time with your pet, stick your hand with a treat to her nose. Most likely the chinchilla will take a treat from your hand quickly and eat it right on your hand or in a corner. Continuing to do such exercises with your pet, you will soon see how the chinchilla itself will seek to examine your hand. At this time, you can also try to tickle gently under the chin or behind the ears, as most chinchillas enjoy it, and this is a good way to let her examine you, your smell, as well as to associate you with the pleasure that they receive from communicating with you.

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After a while, your chinchilla will be ready to examine not only your hand. She can try to get close to your face or your shoulder, the main thing is not to frighten her away with sudden movements.
To walk around the apartment, place the cage in the place where the walk will take place, and the place needs to be prepared before that: close all the places where the animal could hide from you (under a closet, bed, behind a heating radiator, etc.). Then carefully open the cage door, talking with his little animal, inviting him to leave the cage. If the pet does not come out, you can always use the old bait – raisins, and reward the animal when it leaves its safety zone – the cage. At the end of a walk around the apartment, try not to resort to catching the animal with your hands, try to lure it into a cage with the help of goodies or by putting a tray for swimming with sand in a cage. If this did not work, try to take the animal by the base of the tail with one hand and substitute the other hand as a support, and accompany it in this way into the cage, do not squeeze the animal strongly, since it can damage its delicate body.

Chinchillas Are Very Shy How To Tame

Remember, with all its charm, a chinchilla is not a creature that will cuddle all the time. They are too impatient to be in the same position. The time will come as soon as your chinchilla gets used to you and understands that you are not harming it, and the animal will be happy to come up to you, climb on you, play with you, and let it stroke itself. You can create a trusting relationship with your pet.

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Chinchillas are truly wonderful and funny animals. You only need to take the time to your little animal and show patience, and you will make yourself a furry friend for many years. Still

Chinchillas Are Very Shy How To Tame

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