Do Tangerines And Other Citrus Fruits Give Chinchillas


Nutrition chinchillas refers to a serious moment in their content. In general, feeding an animal is not difficult, since the chinchilla menu stands out with its special variety. But you need to do it correctly and not harm the pet.

Note that chinchillas belong to herbivorous rodents. But unlike their closest relatives, guinea pigs, these pets eat in small quantities. However, increased activity and a luxurious fur coat require a huge consumption of nutrients. Choose high-calorie foods for them, as well as protein and carbohydrates.

When choosing products, do not forget about the structural features of chinchillas. The family to which they belong is distinguished by sensitive digestion.

Should citrus be included in the diet?

It should be noted right away that the wood of citrus trees is unsuitable for the digestive tract of chinchillas. But when feeding citrus fruits, you need to monitor their freshness, avoid mold and rot. They need well clean white films before feeding.

Buy citrus fruits in familiar places so that they do not contain an increased dose of nitrates and various toxic substances. A small amount of fruits and vegetables can be added to the diet every day, but the serving size should not be more than 10% of the total amount of food.

Products that are not eaten by chinchilla within 24 hours must be removed from the feeder.


This citrus fruit is allowed for consumption. However, veterinarians advise such a delicacy as mandarin to give no more than once a week and a maximum of one slice. Chinchillas have no allergic diseases to citrus fruits, but the constant use of mandarin can provoke problems with the digestive system.

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Some owners of chinchillas advise sometimes to feed their pets with oranges. In addition to a large number of vitamins, they contain minerals that the animal requires for the health of the skeletal system.

And since chinchillas are more often than other rodents predisposed to various dental diseases, oranges will be especially useful for them. Only a single serving should be tiny, a quarter of a slice of citrus fruit per day.

An overabundance of the product on the menu can cause various diseases. Also, experts advise to completely abandon the use of oranges in the summer.

Do Tangerines And Other Citrus Fruits Give Chinchillas

Other citrus fruits

It is strictly forbidden to feed animals with acid fruits – lemons, grapefruits. The reason lies in the fact that the digestive system of these pets is not adapted to digest foods with high acidity and leads to death or, at best, to a disease of the digestive system.

Fruit Feeding Scheme

Wild chinchillas eat a little, but the menu is balanced and contains high-calorie foods, saturated with all the necessary elements and vitamins. Also feed your pet and at home. Nutrition should be varied, high-calorie, contain vitamins and minerals. Feed chinchilla advised once a day, better after 17 hours, closer to the start of activity and up to 20 hours. Usually these pets get used to the food that they were fed from birth. Therefore, when buying an animal, find out the diet of the chinchilla from the previous owner.

First, give the rodent a familiar meal, gradually adding a new product to the menu. A sharp change in the menu will negatively affect the condition of the pet. Newborn chinchillas do not need to be fed until approximately the age of 8 to 10 weeks. They feed first on mother’s colostrum – the first 5 days, and then on her milk. Farther the female herself accustoms the babies to the food they need, citrus fruits are not included in this list.

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The diet of females after childbirth remains the same as it was during pregnancy. The female also needs a large dose of animal protein. The feeder and drinker can be set closer to the place with the offspring so that the nursing female can easily reach them.

A food source plays a role in the physical condition of animals, since dental and intestinal diseases are the main cause of death for chinchillas who need a competent nutritional sequence, unlike other rodents. Since the microflora of chinchillas (microbes that live in the intestines are of great importance in digestion) is delicately balanced, an abrupt change in the diet will harm the animal.

Some owners of chinchillas are opposed to innovations and experiences in the field of feeding. However, this position is wrong – when living in nature, animals have enough conditions for a varied diet. When keeping a pet at home, this diversity should be provided by a person. Approaching this from the standpoint of common sense, completely eliminating the prohibited foods, harmful herbs and plants, you can well diversify the diet.

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