Essential Impossible For Chinchillas

Recently, chinchilla has become not so outlandish and rare animals in our homes, however, the content of chinchillas is still different from the content of other rodents such as rats, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs. In this collection, we tried to briefly describe what is strictly not recommended for the owners of this overseas animal.

1. It is not strange, but chinchillas are sensitive to drafts. Try to arrange the cage with the animal in such a way as to avoid direct strong air currents.

2. Chinchillas are afraid of direct sunlight. Do not place the cage on a window or in direct sunlight. Chinchillas are nocturnal animals, bright light is not suitable for them. It is desirable that there would be a house in the cage, where the animal can take shelter during the day from bright light.

3. For chinchillas, it is very important to observe the temperature regime. The optimum temperature, close to natural, is considered to be 16-18 gr. Moreover, the upper limit is more dangerous. At a temperature of more than 25 gr. Chinchilla may die from heat stroke. The lower temperature can drop for a short time not lower than 0 gr. If you started a chinchilla, then in the summer, the room must be equipped with air conditioning. In winter, you can not put the cage next to the central heating convectors and underfloor heating.

4. Chinchillas do not bathe in water. For bathing, special hygroscopic mixtures based on silicate clays are used, similar in composition to volcanic dust.

5. Do not start chinchillas for young children. Chinchilla is not a cat, she does not like to be stroked and squeezed in her hands.

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6. If you want to get your pet out of the cage, then ideally, it is to wait until he himself comes into your hands. Chinchillas are inherently very curious and if you have patience, then almost all animals will show interest in the open door in the cage and carefully go out into your hands. If the beast refuses to make contact, then you can try to pull it out yourself. In this case, it must be caught either by the ear or by the tail, since an attempt to take it by the back is perceived by the chinchillas as a threat.

7. Chinchillas are not afraid of other animals, which breaks predatory stereotypes of behavior of cats and dogs, but unfortunately this cannot guarantee the safety of chinchillas with such contact. You should not check this statement on personal experience. Do not let chinchilla walk around the apartment, especially unattended. Chinchillas are rodents and can easily get to electric wires, they can eat a lot of wallpaper glue, or indoor flowers.

8. If you brought the second chinchilla as a pair to your friend, then never put the male in a cage to the female. Chinchillas have matriarchy; a more aggressive female can easily cripple a male.

9. Chinchillas have a very delicate digestive tract. Do not give chinchillas fresh herbs and grass. Only dry food and hay. Do not give nuts, seeds, dried apricots, prunes and raisins. This can cause indigestion. Dairy products and fats are also contraindicated for chinchillas, not to mention meat products.

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10. The cage should always have mineral stones, or wooden blocks for grinding teeth. But not all trees are suitable for this. In no case should you give branches of stone fruits, such as plums, cherries and cherries. These trees contain prussic acid, which is a deadly poison for chinchillas.

11. Chinchillas are afraid of loud noises, the cry of children and the operation of power tools. All this causes severe stress in animals, which can lead to illness and even death.

12. It is also impossible to keep the chinchilla in a cage with other rodents, rabbits, guinea pigs and others. Often this ends in fights, but there are also fatal cases, and the chinchilla is not always the victim.

13. Chinchillas, very mobile animals, free space is necessary for their health. A chinchilla cage should not be small in size.

14. You cannot keep children older than 4 months in the same cage with their parents. At this age, puberty begins, which can lead to both fights and incest.

Essential Impossible For Chinchillas

15. You can not plant animals in pairs under 6 months of age. And females who have not scored 500 g by this age.

16. One cannot allow closely related relations (inbreeding). Children born from such unions are more likely to have congenital diseases. The optimal relationship when crossing is considered kinship no closer than three knees.

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