Goodies For Which The Chinchilla Will Forget About Everything


Chinchillas are not picky animals, however, they also have both junk food and goodies. Moreover, the taste preferences of chinchillas can vary greatly.

Goodies For Which The Chinchilla Will Forget About Everything

Fresh and dried grass

Like rabbits, chinchillas are very fond of grass, hay. Dandelion (dried leaves and roots) is useful for nursing mothers, promotes the production of lactose, contains a large amount of nutrients and vitamins. Dried chicory root helps digestion, contains inulin, vitamins B, C, anti-inflammatory and anthelmintic. It is very useful to add it to animal feed during or after an illness. Hibiscus is given to strengthen immunity. It is a tonic for lethargy and apathy, as well as an excellent vitamin supplement.

Flax seeds are primarily useful for omega-3 fatty acids, without which no animal has beautiful coat and healthy skin. Also there is protein, fiber, alpha-linolenic acid. Strengthens the fur, gives silkiness, develops immunity due to the content of vitamins E and F. Lentils also have a beneficial effect on the fur, it is rich in zinc. Buckwheat for chinchillas is an indispensable supplement containing 18 useful amino acids and substances.

These useful and tasty supplements must be given in very small doses so as not to spoil the animal and not cause unpleasant consequences. Dandelion, chicory, flax – not more than a teaspoon per week; buckwheat – half a spoon a day; Hibiscus, lentils – a tablespoon per week.

Sometimes it’s useful for a clove and general mood to give chinchillas tasty branches of apple, currant, raspberry, birch, willow, linden. But resinous and solid plants (pine, oak, cherry, plum) are strictly prohibited.

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It is advisable to cut fresh grass in the summer on their own in parks, forests, on sites, and only then to harvest it. It should be saturated color, juicy, not have an unpleasant odor. Dry leaves, sun-dried grass and other garbage should be thrown away when it comes to feeding in the summer. Dry the grass in a dark place, periodically (once a week) mixing.

Natural goodies

The main delicacy for chinchillas is dried apples. They contain fiber that promotes proper digestion. They remove toxic waste products and improve the overall metabolism in the animal’s body. Like carrots, an apple helps strengthen fur and the cardiovascular system.

Dried carrots are perfect for constant pampering. It contains vitamins A, B, C, E, a large amount of iron, potassium, calcium. As you know, this is the main supplier of useful carotene to the body. Carrots are a natural dentifrice. Since it arouses appetite, it is not necessary to give it at once a lot – just a pinch per day is enough. Sweet pepper in the same amount is an excellent vitamin supplement, strengthens teeth, gums and immunity.

Raisins are given to strengthen the heart, as a cure for anemia and weakness. Chinchillas love him very much because raisins contain a lot of sugar. But do not give more than 1 berry per week. Raspberries can be given fresh and dried, 2-3 berries per week (like hawthorn). It is rich in organic acids and salts of iron, potassium, copper. Dried hawthorn is more likely a medicine than good. It helps to calm down, cope with stress, and is also indispensable for indigestion. The same amount of pumpkin seeds can be given to improve digestion, skin, wool bulbs.

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Chokeberry is also rich in amino acids, a rare vitamin P. Together with sweet pepper, the composition of vitamins and minerals in the body of a chinchilla is normalized. In addition to these delicacies, you can give nettles, oats, almonds, linden flowers, fresh (not fried!) Sunflower seeds. Chinchillas are also very fond of sometimes sipping green tea. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2, K, C, BB, optimizes the nervous system. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant, it is better not to give more than a teaspoon per week.

A little bit about harmful

In no case should you feed the chinchilla with the following products:

  • Meat;
  • Fried grains;
  • Pastries;
  • Starch – noodles, pasta, potatoes;
  • Junk food
  • Mushrooms;
  • Eggs
  • Confectionery, sweets, ice cream, sweets;
  • Sour-milk products;
  • Salad, cabbage.

Pregnant females are better to please with delicacies more often. This will contribute to good health, healthy children and delicious milk. Ideal additives to the main feed and fresh herbs for them would be calendula, almonds, flax seeds, buckwheat, and dandelion. They not only help to cope with problems during pregnancy, but also help to restore the body after and give more benefits to milk.

Goodies For Which The Chinchilla Will Forget About Everything

Observe the number of tasty and healthy supplements, keep in mind that today, for example, you can give an apple, and tomorrow a mountain ash, and your animal will become a real long-liver, while every day you get a variety of sweets.

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