Hair Care And Combing Chinchilla


Hair Care And Combing Chinchilla

Caring for most pets involves thorough grooming. The luxurious chinchilla coat also requires special attention. Despite the fact that these rodents are extremely clean, sometimes they need the help of the owners.

Is it possible to comb chinchilla

The well-groomed wool of the eared ears is as follows:

  • Smooth, smooth, “wool to wool”;
  • Lack of tricks and tricks.

An unkempt animal takes on the following reasons:

  • Negative content conditions;
  • Excessive attention from the owners;
  • The constant desire to touch and cuddle an animal that causes stress.

The help of the owners in grooming is not required every day, however, more often attention should be paid to the area of ​​the anus. In this zone, the fur falls off due to constant contact with sawdust and toilet filler.

Combing rules

To figure out how to comb out a chinchilla is very simple: it is enough to follow the following recommendations of specialists:

  1. Place the animal on a flat surface.
  2. Lock at the base of the tail.
  3. Aggressive or overly curious animals should be positioned so that the hind legs are slightly torn off the table.
  4. The movements should be deep, but short.
  5. Start combing from the back.
  6. Finish abdomen.
  7. Carefully comb the area of ​​the anus.

After the procedure, a significant amount of hair falls out, which are attached to the hair. They are easily removed with a sticky roller to clean clothes. In order not to hurt the pet, an adhesive surface should be applied carefully, without pressure.

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Hair Care And Combing Chinchilla

You need to start combing from the back

Selection of combs

The fur of the animal is very soft and thick. From one hair bulb, up to 80 hairs can grow, so the main criteria that a chinchilla comb must meet are as follows:

  • Free penetration into the thickness of the hair;
  • Lack of the “slicker” effect: such a device will remove not only dead but also live hair, causing pain;
  • The presence of long and thin teeth;
  • Purchased tip, so as not to damage the skin.
Hair Care And Combing Chinchilla

For the animal you need a set of combs with different teeth

Chinchilla Hair Care

General hair care involves not only grooming, but also sand baths. Chinchillas can not be washed in water for reasons of the hair and skin, therefore high-quality sand is the key to a clean fur coat.

It is necessary to select raw materials for bathing thoughtfully: in natural conditions, animals take baths in volcanic ash. At home, river sand categorically does not fit: it changes the color of the wool, clogs the coat, breaks the hair column. You should choose dust created from the ash of the volcano. An alternative is blue clay.

Hair Care And Combing Chinchilla

Bath is a true pleasure for chinchilla

It is not recommended to limit your pet in the frequency of bathing procedures, but you need to make sure that the sand bath does not exceed 20-30 minutes. If the bathing filler was selected correctly, then the situation when you want to clean the chinchilla from the sand will not arise.

A beautiful and smooth rodent coat is the main indicator of his health and well-being, but there are times when fallen wool appears in one or more places. If it does not lend itself to combing, then carefully cut off the fallen off wool. According to experts, this is the only case when the answer to the question whether it is possible to cut a chinchilla will be positive.

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