Herbs And Plants In Chinchillas Nutrition


Herbs And Plants In Chinchillas Nutrition

In the content of fluffy ears, the correct selection of the diet is in the first place. The animal’s menu should contain ready-made feed, hay and mixtures of grains, however, many are interested in whether chinchillas can be fresh grass. The question is especially acute in the summer, when you can collect fresh herbs on your own.

Rules for feeding chinchillas to grass

Green food is needed for chinchillas, but as an addition to the main menu. Plants contain essential vitamins and minerals, plant proteins.

The main recommendation of breeders is to dry fresh plants before feeding.

It is strictly forbidden to give fresh grass to chinchillas: without additional heat treatment it provokes disorders of the rodent’s digestive tract.

The dried grass and leaves should be fed to the animal from early spring. To offer such a treat is necessary no more than 1-2 times a week.

Grass is only an addition to the main diet

Useful herbs for chinchillas

The main parts of the plant that rodents eat:

  • Grass, or stems;
  • Leaves;
  • Roots
  • Flowers and petals.

Understanding what kind of grass can be given to the chinchilla, it is important to take into account the properties of individual plants and the characteristics of the positive effect.

Nettle is highly beneficial. It has the following properties:

  • Body strengthening;
  • Diuretic effect;
  • Stop bleeding.

Pregnant females are especially eager to eat such grass.

Apple tree leaves shown to improve the digestive system. Dogrose It contains a rich complex of vitamins and has an excellent taste. Raspberry leaves remove toxins, they are added to the finished hay. Burdock positively affects the overall metabolism.

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When asked if chinchilla is possible dandelions, experts respond positively. In spring and summer, leaves and flowers that have fallen are suitable; in autumn, roots. Dandelions are recommended for chinchillas to stimulate appetite and as a treat. Parsley also helps to increase the "gluttony" of the animal.

Herbs And Plants In Chinchillas Nutrition

Parsley – perfectly enhances appetite

Lingonberry leaves needed for general recovery, green parts strawberries need to be combined with other plants. Having fun chinchillas eat St. John’s wort and bird mountaineer. The plants contain beneficial acids and a storehouse of vitamins.

How "yummy" can be given to chinchillas clover, but not more than once every 7 days. Strawberry leaves and flowers strengthen vascular walls. Sudanese rose petals must be included in the diet to maintain eye health. Marigold inflorescences – source of carotenoids and resins.

Sea buckthorn – A full-fledged natural replacement for the mineral-vitamin complex. Chamomile helps to cope with gastrointestinal diseases faster. Melissa indicated for severe stress, it should be given 1-2 times a month or after experiences.

List of forbidden herbs

Specialists have identified a list of plants that are dangerous to the health of chinchillas. Among them:

  • White hellebore;
  • Datura;
  • Buttercup;
  • Sitnik;
  • Kaluzhnitsa;
  • Henbane;
  • Raven eye;
  • Sedge;
  • Fern.

Subject to the rules of feeding animals and knowing the existing restrictions, you can please a pet by diversifying its diet with not only a tasty, but also a healthy treat that supports the pet’s well-being.

What else can diversify the pet’s nutrition, read in our articles “The branches of which trees can be given to chinchillas” and “What nuts can be given to chinchillas”.

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