Home Chinchillas


Home Chinchillas

Chinchilla – a funny rodent from South America, which has many similarities with a mountain rabbit. This animal is beautiful and mobile, and perfectly suits the role of a pet.

Before talking about the contents of the chinchilla, you must select it. The main attraction of the animal is the beautiful fur, choosing a small animal, you can blow on it – and see the skin behind it.

The animal must be healthy. The main signs of chinchilla health are:

Eyes bright and shiny

Teeth should be flat and yellow-orange

Wool, thick, clean and fluffy

Ears are velvety and clean.

The nose is clean and dry.

It is noteworthy that chinchillas also differ in temperament – in other words, a chinchilla at home can behave actively, and can quietly be prone to communication and unemotional. Therefore, the chinchilla must be selected, suitable for the temperament of the owner. However, a healthy chinchilla is always mobile.

Animal long-lived

Home Chinchillas

In captivity, such an animal can live up to 15 years. One of the advantages of its content is that the animal does not have sweat glands, that is, the chinchilla does not smell at all. The animal gets used to its owner very quickly, it can also be trained easily. Bites rarely.

There are several negative features. Various pets, including chinchilla, are nocturnal. They like to frolic, love to gnaw various things very much.

Home Chinchillas

The animal released from the cage is only concerned with gnawing. Attempts to wean him from this are futile, so you just have to hide all such things from the animal.

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There is another curious feature. If you take a small animal, having decided, for example, to play with it, and it doesn’t have such a desire, it will quickly run away from you, leaving you with less than a piece of its own wool. The fur grows long – for three months.

Chinchilla Home

A chinchilla needs a large cell, the bigger the better. In addition, she should take sand baths from time to time. For this purpose, simple sand is not suitable – you need to purchase a special one, and it does not differ in cheapness.

The cost of a regular color chinchilla can range from 50 to 200 dollars, and a color chinchilla can be much more expensive – up to 5000 dollars. So the maintenance of chinchillas is not cheap.

Home Chinchillas

Quality chinchilla food is made exclusively abroad, and the ration of the animal must be selected individually. If you feed him illiterate, it can cause an animal to become ill. Initially, it is better to feed the chinchilla with the food to which it is accustomed, and gradually transfer it to another product. In addition to purchased feed, chinchilla can be given oats and hay. The animal needs a suitable stone for grinding teeth, with the wrong one it can damage its teeth.

In general, chinchilla is a great friend for patient owners, a sociable and curious beast, easily tamed and amenable to training. It may well become a true member of the family, which will be forgiven much – the main thing is to protect all kinds of objects from it.

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