How Do Chinchillas Sleep


How Do Chinchillas Sleep

Chinchillas, like other decorative rodents, adhere mainly to a nocturnal lifestyle. Therefore, the owners can not always find their pet at the peak of activity. But they have the opportunity to constantly observe funny poses in which the animal sleeps. Sleep is no less than behavioral characteristics that reflect the state of health and the psyche of the pet, so it is important to monitor how chinchillas sleep.

Sleep Features

It is difficult to calculate how many chinchillas sleep per day. The nature and age of the animal significantly affects the duration of sleep. Young animals are much more active, so they can wake up during the day to eat and run. But if your pet sleeps most of the day, waking up only with the sunset – his behavior is also the norm, close to the natural regime of rodents. This upsets the majority of owners who really can not watch the animal, play with it. Fortunately, at home, chinchillas often adapt to their master’s regime. Therefore, after some time, the pet will wake up when you come home in the evening, and at night will spend several hours sleeping.

How chinchilla sleeps

The first time after moving to a new house, the animal experiences stress, so it will only sleep while sitting, choosing a protected corner of the cage. He sits on his hind legs, and forefoots presses against his stomach or rests them on an object of suitable height. Some chinchillas sleep standing on their hind legs, holding the front bars of the cage. Such an unusual posture provides a quick transition to activity after waking up – the animal is always ready to defend itself or to run.

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Over time, the animal begins to trust its owners, gets used to a new place of residence and relaxes. Therefore, a sleeping chinchilla curls up in a ball, or stretches to its full height, demonstrates other diverse poses. You can often see a fluffy animal hanging from the top shelf, falling asleep in a bowl or in the toilet.

IMPORTANT: Choosing a sleep tray is unlikely to please the owners – but usually a chinchilla is just looking for where it is most convenient. In nature, animals sleep in heaps, providing themselves with warmth and comfort. Therefore, in order to wean a pet from the habit of sleeping in the toilet, it is necessary to equip more convenient places for sleeping – a hanging hammock, a comfortable couch, a house with soft bedding.

How Do Chinchillas Sleep

Hammock great place to sleep

Why chinchilla sleeps on its side

Beginner owners are especially careful to monitor the sleep of the pet, and a change in behavior is often mistaken for signs of the disease. Sometimes this may be justified – when the animal sleeps too anxiously, waking up all the time, or too much – this may be a symptom of the onset of the development of the disease. But if the chinchilla sleeps on its side, although it always slept sitting – this is completely normal, and only means that your pet is used to his new home and feels safe.

For the same reason, the owners are often worried that the animal is sleeping with open eyes. It seems too unusual behavior and makes you anxious. Sometimes the animal falls asleep so sitting on his hands that it looks very strange. But this is also a variant of the norm – very many chinchillas sleep most of the time with their eyes closed, and during the day or in their arms they literally doze off half-eyes. It is also necessary to remember the meteorological dependence of the animals – they react to the weather, become sluggish in the heat, sleep a lot, and on windy, rainy days they will be nervous and doze in snatches. Usually, when the weather returns to normal, animals calm down.

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How Do Chinchillas Sleep

Chinchillas love to sleep in a bunch

If you notice that the animal’s sleep has changed, strange signs have appeared, observe its behavior during wakefulness. If the appetite is good, the pet is active, goes on its hands, does not show other strange symptoms – there is no reason for concern.

How to teach a chinchilla to sleep at night

It happens that the animal does not change its mode, continuing to sleep in the daytime, and at night it makes noise, disturbing the owners. Even if the regime has successfully shifted, the sleep of these rodents is very sensitive – any noise, snoring, steps along the corridor will wake the animal, often after that it continues to stay awake until the morning. If the pet does not sleep at night, the best solution is to place the cage in another room. You can also find cells with soundproofing, but they are quite expensive. If there is no way to move the pet’s home, the question inevitably arises – how to wean it from a nocturnal lifestyle, make its sleep stronger?

It’s quite difficult to teach a chinchilla to sleep at night. The most effective method is to provide the pet with sufficient activity in the evening. Chinchillas like to walk around the apartment, explore the premises, as well as play and chat with the owner. Turn off or dim the light, open the door, then carefully wake the animal, offer a treat. When he starts to jump around the cage – take him for a walk around the room. Usually animals, having walked up, having played enough in the evening, get tired and behave quietly at night.

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An early rise will also help calm the chinchilla at night – as soon as your alarm rings in the morning, let the animal out of the cage (at six or seven in the morning it will still be awake). While you are studying for study or work, a pet that hasn’t slept at night runs up and gets tired. In the afternoon, he would sleep tightly for six or eight hours, and in the evening he would wake up early. This mode, combined with intense activity over time, will help adjust sleep time. With age, most animals reduce the number of noisy games, and prefer to doze off at night.

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