How To Bathe And Wash Chinchillas


Bathing chinchillas is an extremely interesting question, because it is one of the few animals that prefers dry brushing. Many birds and animals enjoy swimming in dust and sand, making the same movements as in water. With a chinchilla, everything is somewhat different. In nature, this animal does not bathe in water and there are several reasons for this:

  • Habitat;
  • Lack of sweat and sebaceous glands;
  • The structure of the fur.

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In the natural environment, these rodents live in the highlands of the Andes. The climate in these places is arid and rather severe. Air temperature during the year ranges from 24 in the summer to 20 in the winter. In addition, there is very little rainfall, up to 250 mm, with most of them falling in the winter. The streams, which are few, have a very fast flow, which is in no way suitable for water procedures of small animals.

But volcanic ash and dust based on it abound. In addition, fine volcanic dust has a fluidity slightly inferior to liquids.

Fur and skin glands

The chinchilla fur that led these animals to almost complete extermination is unique. It is considered the thickest in the world. More than 25 thousand hairs per square centimeter of skin. This fur protects the animal from temperature extremes. But the lack of sweat and sebaceous glands in the skin leads to the fact that the fur of an animal that gets into the water instantly gets wet. With such a density of the coat, a wet coat becomes too heavy and the animal is simply not able to stay on the surface of the water. This is the first moment in the dislike of these rodents for swimming.

How To Bathe And Wash Chinchillas

The second danger from wet fur is that chinchillas are very sensitive to hypothermia. Wet hair loses its properties and the animal freezes very quickly.

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The legend of "deadly water"

The above facts have contributed to the opinion that water is fatal for chinchillas. This is actually not the case. First of all, in nature there is hardly an animal that has never been wet to the skin. Another confirmation is the evidence of owners who had to bathe their pets.

How To Bathe And Wash Chinchillas

The main difficulty in this case is not to overcool the animal after the procedure. Even a hairdryer is not the most suitable solution for this purpose, since when it passes through a damp coat, the air cools sufficiently. If you still had to bathe your chinchilla in the water or the animal accidentally got wet, the best way would be to gently wet the animal and keep it in the bosom, warming it with its heat until it dries completely. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to serve a heating pad for a long time.

So, water alone will not kill your pet. If you observe maximum caution, then everything will end happily. However, it should be borne in mind that stress to the animal during such bathing is provided. And you will be haunted by experiences: is everything all right, have you caught a cold?

In addition to dust, it is advisable to purchase a special bathing suit. If this is not on sale, you can use a large plastic container. Make sure that the walls of your improvised bathing room are transparent – and a charge of good mood and positive emotions are guaranteed!

The animal turns with gusto in dust, shakes off, combes out, again makes funny pirouettes. Chinchilla bathes with great pleasure. One or two dust baths per week are sufficient to keep the animal’s skins clean. You should not save on zeolite, in ordinary sand the particles are too large and are not suitable for cleaning dense fur, and besides, parasites can also be found in it.

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