How To Choose A Chinchilla Boy Or Girl

How To Choose A Chinchilla Boy Or Girl

Chinchilla is a cute exotic rodent with a complaisant and kind disposition, which is why it has gained great popularity as a pet.

Those who start a chinchilla for the first time are often interested in who is better to get a boy or girl.

If your plans include the purchase of only one animal, then there is no fundamental difference in the gender of the future family member as such. Take the one to whom the "soul lies."

How To Choose A Chinchilla Boy Or Girl

Nevertheless, novice chinchillovodam does not hurt to learn to understand some of the behavioral characteristics of heterosexual pets.

In the wild, a chinchilla society is built on the basis of matriarchy. That is, the leading role in the pack belongs to the female, the mother of a large chinchilla family. Females of these active rodents with a furry tail are more dominant than males.

They are independent, willful and aggressive. In case of danger, protecting herself, her family and her territory, a female chinchilla can express her aggression through a stream of urine released into the "enemy". Males in this regard are more peaceful and similar behavior is not characteristic of them.

But do not think that all female chinchillas are terrible and evil animals, and males on the contrary are kind and affectionate specimens. The nature of the individual rodent taken is purely individual and not related to gender. This is even more true for domesticated animals. When buying a chinchilla of any gender, you should pay attention to the behavior of the animal. Under normal conditions, the animal should be calm, not aggressive, should not bite or be excessively nervous.

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How to distinguish a chinchilla boy from a girl?

How To Choose A Chinchilla Boy Or Girl

Chinchillas simply do not have differences in terms of external signs (in color, size, etc.). Many observant owners of chinchillas notice that the females of the rodent are larger and more active, and the males are mostly lazy and do not differ in “heroic” sizes.

But these signs are rather vague and for the most part depend on the conditions of detention and the nature of the pet. Therefore, it is possible to determine the gender of your pet as accurately as possible by examining the genitals of the chinchilla.

The main feature by which a girl can distinguish a chinchilla from a boy’s chinchilla is the gap between the anus and the urethra. In males, it reaches several millimeters, but in females it is practically absent. When in front of you are two heterosexual animals to determine who is who is easy enough. If you have only one individual in your hands, you will have to rely on descriptions and photos from the Internet.

And do not try to look for a penis in young chinchillas and draw any conclusions based on its absence. The fact is that it is almost always impossible to discern it in chinchillates. Relying on such an unreliable sign, after some time with a high degree of probability it will be possible to observe an interesting metamorphosis of the transformation of a “girl” into a “boy”.

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