How To Choose A Display Case For A Chinchilla


How To Choose A Display Case For A Chinchilla

How to choose a display case for a chinchilla

Nuances of choosing a showcase for chinchillas

The type and dimensions of the showcase primarily depend on how many pets and which sex will live in it:

  • One chinchilla;
  • Two chinchillas of the same sex;
  • Two chinchillas of different sexes (pair).

The first two options are universal, but for the third case special conditions are needed.

If you put the male and the female in the same cage, then over time they will probably have offspring. It is important not to miss the moment and, shortly before birth, transfer the female to a special "birth" compartment. In it, the chinchilla will be safe and will be able to give birth and raise its children without any stress. A couple of months after the birth, the female is returned to the male, and the children can live in the birth chamber for some time. The height of the birth compartment is on average 0.5 m. For a comfortable stay of a chinchilla, it must have a house and several shelves.

Approximately the same requirements should be met by a standard living compartment for chinchillas. But haubaysell advises to make it more spacious so that the two animals are not crowded. Recommended dimensions of the living compartment from 0.7-0.8 m in height, from 0.6 m in width and from 0.5 m in depth.

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Showcase Interior

How To Choose A Display Case For A Chinchilla

So that chinchillas can easily move around the aviary, it is necessary to install several shelves located at different heights. For them, personal space is very important in which they could protect themselves from the surrounding world. Therefore, another obligatory attribute of a shop window is a house where animals will sleep or where they can hide in case of danger.

Many huskies love to run in a wheel, and some of them even sleep in a hammock. Therefore, when choosing a display case, you must take into account the personal preferences of the pet.

At the bottom of the display case there should be free space in order to put a bathing suit there daily. Also at the bottom are usually a sennik and a bowl for food.

According to howbuysell, it is very convenient to store everything you need to keep chinchillas near their habitat. For such purposes, some display cases are equipped with a special cabinet for feed, hay, sand and other useful things that allow you to care for animals. The cabinet can be with drawers or swing doors.

Materials for the manufacture of shop windows

Shop windows for chinchillas come in aluminum profiles or chipboard. Each of the options has its own individual characteristics, pros and cons.

Features of aluminum display cases

How To Choose A Display Case For A Chinchilla

A showcase made of an aluminum profile, as a rule, has inside MDF a little less than a centimeter thick.

Its main advantages include:

  • Light weight;
  • The presence of grooves for the mesh;
  • Ability to adjust shelves in height;
  • If desired, the mesh can be combined with glass or chipboard.
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Among the shortcomings, one can distinguish that a cell-case made of aluminum profile is not cheap and often does not fit harmoniously into the home interior.

Features of showcases from chipboard

The thickness of the chipboard used for the manufacture of display cases, on average, is 0.16 cm.

The advantages of this variety of showcases haubaisell include:

  • Low cost;
  • It is easy to choose a showcase that will fit well into the interior of the room.

The main disadvantage of this material is that it is quite heavy (compared to the same aluminum profile, the difference in weight differs by 1.5-2 times).

Display unit ventilation device

A common question asked by caring owners of chinchillas is how they will ventilate their pets. If the showcase is completely made of mesh, then the question of ventilation disappears by itself.

But in the case when the main material for the aviary is chipboard, it is necessary that a grid is installed at least on one side of the display case. Ideally, the ventilation grid should be on two opposite sides of the cage, which will allow air to circulate freely inside the chinchilla’s home.

The presence of a drawer in the window

For the convenience of cleaning windows, some of them are equipped with a special removable tray. But, as it was noted how buy sell, the use of a sliding pallet is not liked by all owners of chinchillas. The fact is that after removing it, chinchillas can easily slip out of the resulting gap. And it’s far from always possible to quickly catch such a nimble animal.

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Typically, the bottom of the drawer is made of chipboard, and its sides are made of metal. To prevent possible problems as a result of water leakage on the pallet, its ends are treated with a special tool – aquarium silicone.


You can give a lot of advice on choosing the right cage for chinchillas, but in the end it all depends on the individual characteristics of the pet and its owner’s own preferences.

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