How To Determine (Distinguish) The Gender Of A Chinchilla


How To Determine (Distinguish) The Gender Of A Chinchilla

How to know the gender of a chinchilla

It is difficult to find differences in heterosexual chinchillas, even when they are adults. What to say about babies under the age of 12 months, which are almost the same.

The behavioral reactions of rodents in this case are not a determining factor. If they try to jump onto each other’s back, this can be mistaken for the natural behavior of the male. As well as an indicator of the leading position of the female. After all, chinchillas have a matriarchal system.

The only way to find out the gender of the chinchilla is to inspect the rodent’s genitals. But here difficulties arise. Externally, the organs of the male and the female are almost identical, with the exception of a slight difference in the location relative to the anus. For chinchilla babies, this distance is very small: 1-3 mm. Therefore, there are so many mistakes in determining sex. As the animal grows, this gap also increases, so it is easier to determine sex in older animals.

Chinchilla – a female can become a mother at the age of 3-4 months. But at this age, having offspring is rather dangerous for a rodent, as it is for a human teenager. This can lead to the birth of weak babies with various diseases that die immediately after birth. That is why it is very important to distinguish between a boy’s chinchilla and a girl’s chinchilla in order to put them apart in time in different cells.

How To Determine (Distinguish) The Gender Of A Chinchilla

How to inspect

Before determining the gender of the chinchilla, you need to make sure that the animal is calm and not aggressive. It is important not to scare him during the examination, so you need to proceed as follows:

  • The animal is taken by the scruff and turned over so that its back is on the owner’s lap, and the stomach is at the top;
  • The head of the animal should be turned over to the person;
  • With great accuracy, two fingers should push the skin of the animal in the genital area, while slightly pressing over the place under the bulge at the tail and stomach of the animal.
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The animal must behave calmly (if it is not in a state of anxiety and aggression). He will not try to break free and will allow a thorough inspection.

  • In the boy – chinchilla, a noticeable distance between the genital organ and the anus is clearly visible. Its size can be 1 – 4, 5 mm.
  • In a girl, there is practically no distance between the sexual openings and they are lower than in the male.

When the inspection is completed, the rodent is offered his favorite food to cheer him up and put back into the cage.

In order not to subject the animal to stress and not to harm him by pressure, to inspect in order to distinguish chinchillas by sex, one should be very careful, given that this animal has a very vulnerable psyche.

How To Determine (Distinguish) The Gender Of A Chinchilla

Sexual behavior of chinchillas

To understand whether a male or female chinchilla is possible by the relationship of rodents in the “mating season”. At the same time, animals behave uneasily, with a snort. This behavior refers to the period of "courtship."

In a female, this behavior can be seen once every 40 to 50 days, lasting 3 to 7 days. Based on this, the behavior of the male also changes.

The genitals at the time of the "mating season" become more pronounced. This makes it quite easy to determine the gender of the chinchilla. But it is precisely during this period that males are more likely to notice manifestations of sudden aggression, and it is necessary to examine the rodent very carefully.

Complete puberty in chinchillas occurs in 7-8 months. But they can start “marriage games” much earlier. At the same time, males show increased activity and reproduce sounds resembling a snort.

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How To Determine (Distinguish) The Gender Of A Chinchilla

Who is better to get: a girl or a boy

Which sex of the animal is better is the most common question for those wishing to purchase a chinchilla. Of course, the choice of a beast is a personal matter for everyone. But if it is planned to keep it alone, the female or male is not so important. Visually, animals are very similar, except that females are sometimes larger. But the structure of the body and the color of the fur, the animals do not differ.

  • Chinchilla more focused on communication with a person, therefore, it is often purchased for children. His behavior is calmer and taming him is also easier. In cases of communication with males, cases of aggression are very rare. But such an animal often shows apathy, silence and isolation.
  • Female chinchilla – more temperamental and mobile, loves to "talk". But she often shows aggression, especially at the time of "courtship games." Sometimes this happens for several days in a row and can happen even if the rodent is placed in a new cage. The chinchilla girl is more vulnerable and susceptible to stress, but at the same time, these are rather curious and playful animals, which are very funny to watch.

The differences described above in the habits of male and female chinchillas are very general and conditional. Of course, much will depend on the individual character traits of the animal itself. It also happens that a boy is more aggressive, and a girl is attentive and cautious.

Chinchilla should be purchased as a pet at the age of 6-8 months.

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How To Determine (Distinguish) The Gender Of A Chinchilla

Relationships of Same-Sex Animals

Even having figured out how to distinguish the gender of a chinchilla, one must act with extreme caution so that when viewed, a frightened animal does not bite on the arm.

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