How To Distinguish A Chinchilla Boy From A Girl


Any pet is a new member of the family, even if it is a small exotic rodent, such as a chinchilla. Therefore, his choice should be taken as seriously as possible. And although chinchilla girls and the males of these South American rodents can equally be cheerful and relate to relatively unpretentious, not requiring special care, pets, they really show some differences in temperament.

Chinchilla boy or girl: Whom to choose

If you want only one representative to live in your home, chinchilla floor will not be significant. Chinchilla boy and chinchilla girl, as a rule, they are equally sweet and bring their owners a lot of joyful and pleasant moments. They all love to be caressed, especially behind the ears or below the chin.

Both females and males have their pros and cons. No matter what gender your chinchilla character her can be completely unpredictable. Any gender can be territorial. If you start the first domestic chinchilla in your life, it’s unlikely that the floor of the animal will push you away. However, there are still a few nuances.

How To Distinguish A Chinchilla Boy From A Girl

Little boy chinchilla, character which is independent and very active, is not suitable as a pet for a child. Despite the fact that they look cute, and in fact they are, children are not recommended to contact with them. The fact is that small chinchillas have very fragile skeletons that can be damaged if the child squeezes the animal in his hand too much. Of course, the child will not really want to hurt the cute animal, but inadvertently can break his ribs. Kids are also incredibly fast, and constantly snooping around under their feet – a very high probability of stepping on it.

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Female chinchillas, as a rule, protect themselves, because if you buy an animal as a gift to a child, it is better to choose this option.

Gender characteristics

Many chinchillas love to live in duets with other members of the species. But it is worth remembering that chinchillas, nevertheless, have some gender differences. If you plan to keep several pets together, consider which chinchilla floor you would choose.

How To Distinguish A Chinchilla Boy From A Girl

Chinchilla girls harder males. They can act aggressively towards other females and males if kept together. Mature chinchilla girls can even kill a neighbor if it’s young chinchilla boy. It is also worth considering that chinchilla girls they can be especially burdensome when they are hot, because they will be especially vivid to show signs of territorial aggression. This time will be better if chinchilla girl will live separately from other pets. Separation can help prevent injury or death in the presence of aggression. Chinchilla boy will most likely be calmer.

Top companions

While chinchilla girl can sometimes be aggressive with other females; most of their aggression is directed at males trying to mate with them. Therefore if you already have chinchilla boy, better to hook another male to him. Fixed opposite sex duets sometimes work, but mostly only in cases with siblings – littermates. Littermates who have never been separated feel comfortable together and therefore are unlikely to fight. For the cohabitation of these exotic rodents, it is better to equip the most spacious aviary.

Visual gender difference

To know, how to distinguish gender chinchilla, their anatomy should be studied. Males and females do not look the same. Knowing that how to determine the gender of a chinchilla, let you quickly determine your chinchilla boy or girl which in turn will make it possible to provide proper care for the animal and avoid a number of problems. For a 100% determination, it is necessary to inspect genitals of chinchillas. If you need help with this, you can contact your veterinarian for advice.

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How to distinguish a chinchilla boy from a girl:

  1. Chinchilla girl has a uterine cone, and the male has a cone of the penis and (sometimes visible) testicles. In some males, the testicles are retracted and cannot be seen from the outside.
  2. In the male, the anus is located at some distance from the cone of the penis. There is a hole on the tip of the cone of the penis.
  3. In the female, the distance between the anus and the cone of the uterus is practically absent. There is a slice down the cone from top to bottom – the vaginal opening.
  4. Females are usually also larger than males.

If you know how to determine the gender of a chinchilla, guaranteed to avoid unwanted pregnancy and minimize the struggle for dominance.

Gender differences in nature and behavior

How to distinguish a chinchilla from a boy to a girl, other than taking into account obvious reproductive differences? Make them defend themselves.

Bites are usually the last line of self-defense for both sexes.

All chinchillas will bite, but usually they have a reason for this – something upset or scared them, or they are already injured. Typically, most pets give a few “warnings” before being bitten. The experts found out how to distinguish gender chinchilla it is for these warning signals. Genitals Chinchillas consider may not be necessary.

So, a man and a woman, for a start, feeling threatened by you, will try to run away or push your hand away from you with your paws. At this point, only the female can start spraying you with urine. This "tactic" is its way of protecting itself or offspring from predators and other dangers. Men usually do not use this form of self-defense.

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If you ignored all the previous warnings, most likely the animal will bite you very painfully, possibly even to the point of blood. These cases are rare. Do not shout at the pet, much less beat him, because he warned you! You are to blame for not sending a warning. If you didn’t specifically scare the animal, determine what you did, what exactly scared or hurt the pet, and try not to do it again.

The age, gender and color of the chinchilla do not affect his personality. Each of them has its own unique character. Sometimes, like people, individuals can conflict. All chinchillas require love and attention, and some more than others.

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