How To Distinguish A Chinchilla Boy From A Girl


The difference in the behavior of males and females

Even if you do not plan to buy a pair for your pet, it is worth considering the difference in characters in these animals. Males are more calm and affectionate. They quickly get used to a new home. Females, on the other hand, occupy a dominant position in the pair; therefore, by their nature, they are decisive and even aggressive. They will take longer to get used to the new place and at first they need to be more careful.

It is the angry female, whom you had the imprudence to spoil the mood with your presence, that can unexpectedly douse with a targeted stream of urine directly through the cell grid. However, the female chinchilla, like a real lady, easily obeys love and care. It will take a little time, and the animal in you will not have a soul.

How to behave with a chinchilla

Finding out the gender of a chinchilla is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Moreover, there are several ways to determine the gender of these animals.

To size

If there are female chinchilla and male chinchilla, which are much older, they will naturally be larger. In addition, the size depends on the health of the animal and how it was fed.

In the event that the chinchilla is unhealthy, received little food or ate food that was not enriched with the necessary amount of nutrients, it would look weaker than its peers who received normal care and nutrition.

By behavior

Females, in addition to being larger than males, have more agility and temperament. Perhaps for this reason, in a couple they are the leaders.

If you saw that two chinchillas are trying to mate, do not rush to conclusions about who the boy is here and who is the girl. The animal behind is not necessarily a male. Since females lead in pairs, sometimes they tease their partners by imitating their movements during intercourse.

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By genitals

How To Distinguish A Chinchilla Boy From A Girl

The most accurate way to determine the sex of an animal. Inspection should be carried out very carefully, while the chinchilla should not be stressed. Take the animal in your hands, stroke it, caress it, talk to it in a soft, low voice. Then grab the animal by the scruff of the neck and turn it upside down so that the animal is facing you.

Next, you need to carefully pull the skin away from the place where the genitals are, so you will expose them for inspection. Find the mound near the tail, gently press simultaneously on this mound and on the stomach.

Now the main thing: do not try to find differences in the appearance of the genitals of chinchillas. Both males and females look the same, even in adults, so you will not see the testicles or vagina. The testicles in males are located in the body cavity.

You can distinguish gender only by the distance from the anus to the genitals. In the male, this distance is approximately 4 mm, in females there is practically no crotch, and the maximum distance between the anus and the urethra does not exceed 1 mm. It can be said that these two organs form one whole.

When determining whether a boy or girl is a chinchilla in front of you, calmly but confidently grab the animal by the tail and lift it up. Although such an action may seem wild at first glance, do not worry. The structure of the skeleton of chinchillas is such that it will not do any harm to the animal. This is much better and safer than trying to lay the animal on its back and look for genitals in its thick fur.

Well, in order not to injure the animal in vain (you must admit, it is not pleasant that you are suddenly turned upside down and your tail is lifted up), or rather, to reduce its unpleasant sensations to a minimum, take snacks with you. It can be dried apples or carrots. After the procedure, simply treat the baby with a treat, and he will quickly forget about the unexpected “flight”. So you can find out the gender of the chinchilla, without undermining his faith in humanity.

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If more than one animal is contained in one cage, be sure to ensure that they are not heterosexual. After all, chinchillas are able to begin to breed already at the age of three to four months. However, the female’s body fully ripens only by the seventh month of life. And an early pregnancy can seriously undermine the health of your pet.

Determine gender

The genitals of males become easier to distinguish after three months. But even then, it is not so easy to determine the gender of the chinchilla. Attention should be paid to the distance between the anus of the animal and its urethra. In females, this distance is practically absent. Visually you will see one organ and two holes. The boy has a distance between the anus and the genitals. It is small – an average of about 3 mm, but clearly distinguishable.

Sometimes a situation may lead to a dead end when there is a distance, but it is small (about 1.5 mm). Just remember that the issue is not size, but availability. If there is a distance, then the male is in front of you.

How To Distinguish A Chinchilla Boy From A Girl

If you doubt your ability to distinguish the gender of the chinchilla, just bring along a photograph that shows the genitals of both the male and the female. This will help you feel more confident.

Ways for the "lazy"


If you decide to consult a veterinarian, first you need to find out how good a particular specialist is. Contact only a clinic with a strong reputation, otherwise the animal may be injured or very stressed.

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Ask your veterinarian if he has ever examined and treated chinchillas. Such a question may seem absurd in a large city, but in small peripheral cities, this animal is not common, so it is quite possible that a specialist with considerable experience knows only book theory about chinchillas.


Now about the sellers. It is better to even consider the option of a merchant in the bird market, there should not be contacted at all. Firstly, you run the risk of acquiring a sick animal, and secondly, you don’t know absolutely nothing about the competence of such a “specialist” in the field of gender determination, it makes no sense to rely on his words.

From the foregoing, we can conclude: with a fairly high probability (in addition to a competent veterinarian), you can determine the gender of the chinchilla on its own, by the genitals. If you do everything carefully, without causing discomfort to the animal, this procedure will be calm.

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