How To Feed Chinchilla


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How To Feed Chinchilla

First of all, when choosing food or the best granular food, it is necessary to take into account the fact that chinchilla belongs to the type of herbivorous rodents. However, unlike the same guinea pig, this pet eats an order of magnitude less. However, the huge supply of energy in these animals requires a large consumption of nutrients. Accordingly, when caring for animals, it is necessary to take into account that the composition of the feed contains all the necessary elements, in particular proteins and carbohydrates. Of course, if in your case animal care involves the use of prepared feeds.

It will be correct if an extensive range of products is present in the feed.

How To Feed Chinchilla

In particular, if the animal does not eat something, then perhaps such a composition should not be given to him, since it does not suit him. It’s no secret that chinchillas have very sensitive digestion. Therefore, in order for your pet to always have a good mood and well-being, it is important to provide him with a stable diet. Indeed, even a person can feel unwell if he changes his diet dramatically, so this is especially important for chinchillas. If you do not know how you can and what you can not feed your pets, read on.

What foods can I give?


How To Feed Chinchilla

Also note that the rodent rarely eats a lot of hay at once, but such coarse chinchillas food should be abundant and fresh. Poor hay can not be added to the composition of food. You can and even need to give your pet nettle brooms, since they contain a lot of vitamins in their composition. To make such a feed with your own hands, the nettle should be collected during its flowering and well dried, fresh grass should not be given to rodents.

With pleasure, the animal eats and branches of fruit trees. For good grinding of teeth, which is an important aspect of care, you can also add aspen and linden branches to the list. But you can’t add sprigs of cherry and oak to the diet – poisonous substances are in the cherry bark, and oak causes constipation.

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The following in the list of feeds that can be given to chinchilla are concentrates, which are cereal products, including various cereals, bran and bread. Ready-made feed for chinchillas can also be attributed to a concentrate, since most of these products include other useful components. Of course, getting ready-made feed is much easier than making it yourself. Moreover, today there are many different balanced feeds on sale. As a rule, the chinchilla is not picky and eats everything, but sometimes difficulties can arise and the owner of the animal will have to determine which products the animal eats better.

Chinchillas are very sensitive to personal care, so if you decide to make this kind of food with your own hands, then keep in mind that it should include:

  1. Barley. This is a very valuable grain for the health of rodents. It is quite hard, so it is better to grind it, then the chinchilla eats barley without any problems.
  2. Add oat grains to the diet – they contain healthy protein and fats, but even with a large consumption of this feed, the chinchilla will not be obese. But it’s better not to give the oat in its pure form to the pet, since it will eat it poorly. Therefore, if you do the food yourself, then oats need to be added from 50 to 75%, this is a very important component.
  3. Corn contains no less protein than oats, but in general, pure corn is not suitable for constant nutrition. It is also better to grind corn before adding it to food.
  4. Millet grains contain healthy carotene, which in the body turns into vitamin A, in particular, its increased content is noted in red varieties. There should be little millet, since chinchillas do not eat it very well.
  5. Wheat is also an equally useful element for food.

Succulent feed

Juicy foods are rich in all kinds of vitamins, we are talking about vegetables, herbs and fruits. If you do the food yourself, you will have to choose what your pet likes. It all depends on the taste of the rodent – he will eat some juicy food with pleasure, he may not touch others at all.

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As for vegetables, give your pets carrots and lettuce with caution – it’s not a mumps. Carrots are allowed only dried, a salad as a treat a small amount once a week, and cucumbers and tomatoes can not be given at all.

From fruits, apples (dried or a slice of fresh apple for constipation), various berries should be allocated, various berries, everything should be cut. But figs and bananas can not be included in the diet. No less useful is greens, in particular clover leaves, dandelions, leaves from fruit trees. To care for the animal was correct, give him only fresh food, and before eating it should be well cleaned. Cabbage and beets in this case are not suitable, they cause an upset stomach.

How To Feed Chinchilla

If you decide to use grass, you need to be as careful as possible, since it is better for rodents not to give grass that grow along the road. Do not give the animal a lot of grass, as with excessive amounts it can cause bloating. The grass can be slightly dried up, but it is not necessary to wash it at all. Since succulent food in combination with bread can negatively affect the functioning of the intestines, it is better to give such food at different times. In general, juicy food is best given sutra.

Animal feed

Products of animal origin are especially relevant for young and lactating pets. But such feed should be present in a minimum amount – not more than 5%. We are talking about meat and bone meal, whey, it is allowed to mix powdered milk with lactating, weakened animals and puppies when weaning from the mother. Food should be given to the rodent in a separate bowl, which should be washed immediately after eating.

Vitamin and mineral nutrition

The diet of the pet should always include such additives, in particular, we are talking about salt and mineral stone. If such stones are in the cage, then the animal will use them if necessary. The best option would be to use vitamin preparations that are diluted with water.

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What can not be given?

Products that can not be fed a pet are enough. If your pet eats any food, this does not mean that it will be useful for his body and subsequently will not cause any negative reactions.

How to cook chinchilla food?

We will use herbal flour as the basis for DIY food.

You can take alfalfa flour and add the grain mixture to it:

  • Wheat bran;
  • Ground corn;
  • Porridge Hercules;
  • Barley groats;
  • Wheat
  • Powdered milk.

That was the basis.

As additives, use:

  • Food sulfur;
  • Bone meal;
  • A piece of chalk;
  • Dry carrots;
  • Dried currant and raspberry leaves, as well as nettles;
  • Ground rosehip berries.

All of these ingredients are mixed and moistened with water until the feed is a cake. Further, the mixture can be passed through a meat grinder and the resulting food should be laid out to dry. When the day has passed, food can be given to the pet.

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