How To Feed Chinchilla At Home


Chinchillas are not as popular today as hamsters and guinea pigs. But still, very often people who decide to have a pet choose this amazing animal. They are beautiful, good-natured, not too picky about food and at the same time they can live up to 20 years! For rodents, this is a very large indicator.

Of course, in order for the chinchilla to really live with you for two decades and at the same time to remain beautiful, fun and mobile, you need to properly feed it.

That is why many breeders recommend expanding their diet on their own.

First of all, you need to include fresh vegetables and fruits. The combination of dry food and fresh vegetables will be optimal, then the animal will be able to choose what it needs at the moment.

Of the additional nutrition, you can recommend apples, carrots, fresh grass, dried apricots, wild rose and hawthorn berries. A few leaves of plantain and dandelion will also benefit. thanks to the juiciness and the substances contained in them. But it is better to refuse nuts and seeds; they contain quite a lot of fats, so such nutrition can cause serious harm to your pet. Therefore, it is worth choosing carefully how to feed the chinchilla, and with what. not.

How To Feed Chinchilla At Home

Chinchillas are very fond of tea. Yes. ordinary tea leaves, which is in every house. But it is worth giving tea in very small doses, and it is better in those cases when the animal has problems with too loose stools. And vice versa. if the stool is too dry and it comes out with difficulty, then you can give a pinch of hibiscus tea, it will ease the torment of the animal.

Of course, in any case, you should avoid tea with various artificial flavors and additives. Proper nutrition will allow your pet to live a long and happy life.

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What can feed a guinea pig?

A fluffy pet has appeared in your house? Congratulations! If you have covered up such a rodent as a guinea pig, then trouble and worries with this animal will be minimized. Even a child can cope with pet care. Of course, adults must help the small owner.

The main question that arises among the owners is how to feed a guinea pig?

The nutrition of this rodent is simple. Now on sale there are many feeds specially for guinea pigs, which contain the necessary balanced composition of vitamins and minerals. This feed has everything you need in summer and winter, cereals, cereals, seeds, pieces of dried fruit, fruits and vegetables, pressed grass.

In the summer, find a clean place where grass grows without dust and exhaust fumes. Leaves of a plantain, coltsfoot, nettle, clover, saplings, ordinary lawn grass, everything will go to feed the pet.

Your pet will enjoy the leaves of green salad, spinach, sorrel, beet tops, carrots, radishes, parsley and dill. With caution, give him cabbage, especially white cabbage, in many pigs from it intestinal upset. By the way, when keeping chinchillas at home, follow the same tips.

Well, of course, fresh fruits and vegetables, where would a real rodent be without them? All that you have on the table is also treating your little friend. Slices of apples, pears, various vegetables (especially the piglets adore cucumbers) put everything in motion.

An important note than feeding guinea pigs! Their front teeth (incisors) grow throughout their lives! And if the pig does not grind them on time, they will grow to a large size and the animal will not be able to eat. That is why it is necessary to add sticks and twigs to the feed, about which you can sharpen your teeth. Take care of this, please. Wood, too, is not suitable for everyone. Birch, willow, please, cherry, plum in no case (they contain hydrocyanic acid, poisonous to rodents).

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As you can see, guinea pig care is not that complicated. Do not forget to clean the cage in time, walk the pet and caress it and it will delight you for a long, long time!

How to feed chinchilla

The chinchilla’s digestive system is very sensitive, therefore, in order for the animal to remain healthy, it is very important to properly feed it.

Your chinchilla’s digestive system has evolved over the millennia, adapting to coarse and dry foods that are high in fiber: grass, weeds, and other dry vegetation. This means that giving your pet more nutritious food is dangerous to his health.

There is a proven chinchilla feed, which is lumps of pressed hay. To them should be added fresh water and some treats, for example, raisins.

In nature, chinchillas eat a lot of plant foods, which provides the necessary load on the teeth, so it is important that there is always something in the cage that can be nibbled.

Chinchilla feeding should be taken very seriously. Chinchillas do not fit what is usually fed to other rodents, including fresh vegetables.

Fresh hay

Chinchillas are most suitable for grain hay. It is coarser than meadow grass and consists of thick grass stems, as well as grains and clover flowers. Rough food will force your pet to work its teeth properly. Before you give hay to the chinchilla, you need to check it for mold, separating the damaged part. If clouds of dust rise from the hay, throw it away.

It is very important that the hay given to the chinchilla is clean and fresh.

Chinchilla Feeding Schedule

During the day, chinchillas sleep, only waking up from time to time to eat. Therefore, a teaspoon of feed given in the morning is enough for the whole day. The main feed should be given in the evening. Pour a tablespoon of food with a slide, give a handful of hay and put enough fresh water to make it enough for the night.

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Having slept all day, in the evening your pet will get hungry and will be active.

It is very important that your pet can set the load on the teeth. To do this, you can use wooden and other chewing blocks.

Chinchillas food

The differences between chinchilla lumps are minimal. As a rule, all of them contain grass or hay, grain, fortified and mineral supplements that help the chinchilla stay healthy. It is better to buy food in small quantities to prevent it from deteriorating.

How To Feed Chinchilla At Home

Make sure that the feed given to the chinchilla is not expired.

Sweet Limitations

Nutritious sweets unusual for your pet can lead to serious digestive upsets and other health problems. Limit sweets to raisins per day.

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