How To Feed Chinchilla Choose Healthy Food


How To Feed Chinchilla Choose Healthy Food

Do you know that chinchillas in nature are on a fairly strict diet? In their homelands, the climate is not the mildest, and sparse vegetation, therefore, they are used to being content with little. But mountain herbs with a short growth period are usually very nutritious and rich in vitamins. It is unlikely that you will be able to offer something as useful as chinchilla outside its natural habitat. A reasonable question arises: how to feed the chinchilla at home?

Cereal mix

The basis of the diet of any rodent is a grain mixture. For chinchillas most useful oats and barley. But oats are not very tasty, and barley is very hard. When other grains are present in the mixture, for example, corn, sunflower, wheat and millet, the chinchilla will choose what tastes better and will not receive the necessary vitamins. When deciding how to feed a moody chinchilla, it is better to give preference granular feed.

How To Feed Chinchilla Choose Healthy Food

Factory chinchilla feeds have worked well. The fastidious animals cannot enjoy them and dutifully gobble up the nutritious and balanced feed. In addition, the granular feed is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium. Can you be sure that you will choose the best menu for your pet and make him eat everything that is offered? Giving granules is more beneficial than feeding chinchillas, as it happens.

How To Feed Chinchilla Choose Healthy Food


Chinchillas have one of the longest intestines among rodents, so they need enough fiber for proper digestion. Hay, twigs of fruit trees and fresh grass must be present in the diet of the animal so that it does not get sick.

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How to feed chinchilla from natural herbs:

Young branches of oak, cherry, linden, apple tree with bark and leaves;

Hay from cereals and legumes;

Field herbs (clover, alfalfa, nettle, dandelion, knotweed, etc.).

Feeding rules are standard: hay should be of high quality, grass should be fresh, clean, but not wet.

Succulent feed

Based on their natural diet, it is better to feed chinchillas with dry food than juicy. But many animals love to feast on vegetables. You can give:

Sprouts of cereals and legumes.

However, vegetables are not as nutritious for chinchillas. In addition, uneaten, they quickly deteriorate. Therefore, give a few slices of vegetables in the morning and in the evening remove them if they remain intact. Some animals do not like vegetables at all.


Chinchillas are very fond of nuts. But this food is very fatty. As a treat sometimes you can give the animal a couple of nuts. If you give them too often, you will break up the pet, and he will refuse the main food. One should not indulge in such behavior of chinchillas. First of all, their health and the beauty of the fur will suffer. A good low-fat treat is dried fruit, berries, rose petals.

How To Feed Chinchilla Choose Healthy Food

What can not be fed chinchillas

1. In no case should rodents be given roasted grains, nuts and seeds. All goodies must be only raw.

2. Cookies and bread should not be given to home chinchillas. The only exception is wheat crackers.

3. Not worth giving rye and products from it, it is poorly digested.

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four. Human food with salt, sugar, spices, fats and animal products, chinchillas are contraindicated.

five. Monotonous food will not benefit your pet. Keep your diet as varied and rich in vitamins as possible.

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