How To Get Fleas From A Chinchilla


When there are favorite pets in the house, happiness and fun reign there, but only on condition that they are healthy. Since a person can be infected by an animal, he should constantly monitor the pet’s health status, especially when it comes to the appearance of fleas. They settle even on the body of thick-haired animals. Today it is proved that chinchilla can become a victim of these parasites, and how to get rid of them, we will tell in the article.

Do fleas have chinchillas

Extremely rare cases of the appearance of fleas on the body of chinchillas are known, and there are several reasons for this.

What look and what are the parasites dangerous?

Parasites are very small – up to three millimeters in length, black or brown, are characterized by active jumping ability. Since they can exist without food and water (but not multiply at this time) and travel long distances, they can live very long.

Favorite place of residence is a warm, humid room where you can lay eggs.

There are about two thousand species of fleas, which increases their ability to live and parasitize for many more years. They go through several stages of transformation from a worm to a caterpillar, and from it to an already known insect.

How To Get Fleas From A Chinchilla

Symptoms of infection

You can understand that chinchillas have parasites if they:

  • Changes his behavior beyond recognition, for example, becomes too restless;
  • Constantly itches or rubs against the sides of the cell;
  • Combs growths resembling warts;
  • It scratches and tries to remove small black grains on its body;
  • Suffers from loss of wool, bald spots;
  • It has too dull hair.
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How to Get Fleas from Chinchillas

The removal of fleas occurs in two stages: first, the cells and chinchillas are disinfected, then, if necessary and the recommendation of the veterinarian is carried out, drug treatment of the animal is performed.

How To Get Fleas From A Chinchilla

Cage and animal processing

To destroy all parasites in the room, disinfection should be carried out. You will need to wash the cat or dog, if any, and apply a flea remedy to their body. This event will help to avoid subsequent infection.

Next, it will be necessary to clean and disinfect the litter of the chinchilla. It also does not hurt to wash the floors with a disinfectant and replace the used sand with new ones.

Then wash the cage with a mixture of vinegar and tar soap.

Chinchilla window dressing: video

Antiparasitic drugs

After thorough disinfection of animals, you should definitely be examined by a veterinarian. He will prescribe a spray or drops for the pet. Most often they are treated with Front Line spray, which is also used for cats and rabbits. But still check the instructions so that the dosage is suitable for a small chinchilla.

A flea collar should be purchased and monitored so that the pet wears it every day for prevention. In rare cases, pet owners cannot clean an apartment sterile, so you should call the masters from a company that is engaged in professional sanitary cleaning. In this case, the result will be better.

Can a person get infected from a sick animal

People can only get fleas of the species Pulex irritans. Therefore, the probability of contracting parasites is, but very small. You can also just be a carrier of these insects. But still, you should be careful, as a flea can tolerate plague and rabies. Therefore, it is important to regularly carry out preventive measures.

How To Get Fleas From A Chinchilla

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To prevent the appearance of fleas in a chinchilla, you should:

  • Twice a week, make a rodent a sand bath with the addition of medical sulfur, which neutralizes parasites;
  • Disinfect the cage and litter. To do this, use a bactericidal or quartz lamp;
  • Carefully check the purity of hay, which is bought for cage flooring;
  • Periodically treat all domestic animals from parasites;
  • Use flea collar;
  • Regularly take your pets for inspection by a veterinarian;
  • To treat animals that walk on the street.

Obviously, all domestic animals are members of the family, which means that they require the attention and care of no less than people. Pet diseases are often transmitted to their owners, therefore, following all the above rules, you guarantee health and comfort not only to the pet, but also to yourself.

How To Get Fleas From A Chinchilla

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