How To Independently Distinguish A Chinchilla From A Boy Girl


The first thing that interests future owners when choosing a pet, who is in front of them: a boy or a girl? With the characteristics of gender related animal care, its nature.

In chinchillas, it is quite difficult to determine the gender, but it is possible. You need to know how to do it right. It is advisable to get acquainted with the differences in behavior characteristic of both sexes.

How To Independently Distinguish A Chinchilla From A Boy Girl

How to avoid stress in chinchillas when determining sex

Chinchillas do not belong to the category of animals that immediately and unconditionally trust the owners. They are easy to scare, they are difficult to tame. And if you do something against their will, then they will lose confidence in a person for a long time. Recovering contact will be difficult. Moreover, having experienced stress, they can refuse to eat and drink, their hair will start to fall out, and their immunity will decrease. Therefore, before you take the animal in your arms and inspect, you need to earn trust and tame your hands. In the end, he must understand that no manipulation by the owner will bring harm.

You need to raise a chinchilla cub for at least a month. Tame hands gradually. To break the psychological barrier will help a gentle conversation with the pet, the offer of sweets from the hands. Gradually, the animal will be credited with trust and will not be scared when picked up.

How To Independently Distinguish A Chinchilla From A Boy Girl

Only when the pet gets used to his hands, it is possible without consequences for his mental state to examine the genitals of the animal in order to understand whether it is a female or a male.

Features of males and females

External differences between individuals are not very noticeable. Sometimes girls can be bigger. The coat and body shape are exactly the same. Female individuals are often more active, like to play, explore everything around. This is due to the fact that in natural conditions, females in flocks occupy a leading position. But they are more vulnerable emotionally. May show aggression during estrus.

Since females are more active, they need to devote more time and attention. If you do not walk the animal in the evening before going to bed, then it will make noise at night to attract the attention of the owners. Girls will do it more aggressively.

For pets, gaming zones are necessarily arranged, which include mazes, hammocks, a house, ladders. If the girl is not equipped with such a corner, then she will have nowhere to put the boiling energy. You need to know about this feature when buying a beast.

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For children try to choose boys chinchillas. It is believed that they are calmer, easier in the process of taming. They have a more flexible character. Although it also happens that they are indifferent to the owners. This is also another extreme, which does not suit everyone. It will not bite when the animal is picked up, but affection from them will not wait. They are reluctant to contact a person.

But it is not always possible to distinguish a boy’s chinchilla from a girl’s behavior and character. Boys are also very active and curious, stressed.

Consultation about the nature of the pet is usually given by specialists of large nurseries. There, for each animal, a separate dossier is opened, where all its achievements are described.

Representatives of both sexes need to be educated, tamed, then they will become real pets, which bring only joyful chores. Chinchilla quickly gets used to the routine, where there is a place for sleep, walks around the apartment and games. It will be grateful to take care of the owner, substitute soft fluffy sides so that it is stroked.

How To Independently Distinguish A Chinchilla From A Boy Girl

The animal, which is imbued with confidence in a person, can sit for hours on the shoulder of the owner, feeling completely safe.

Sharing a same-sex individual

Under natural conditions, chinchillas live in packs. Therefore, in order for them to feel more confident at home, it is recommended to keep them in pairs. It is important to know the sex of the chinchillas who will live together.

If it turns out that a girlfriend is settled in the girl, you need to give them the opportunity to get used to from a distance. Otherwise there will be a battle for territory and the establishment of a hierarchy.

First, the females are placed in different cages near each other. So that they get used to the smells of "strangers", from time to time they are given to use one sand bath.

After about a week, you can try to plant them together in neutral territory. For example, in an old cage, carefully cleaned and washed from smells. If they are not configured aggressively, you can leave them together.

How To Independently Distinguish A Chinchilla From A Boy Girl

Chinchilla boy will get used to his new neighbor easier and faster. But they also need to arrange a preliminary acquaintance so that the animals do not react so emotionally to the process of sharing.

Conflicts can be avoided or reduced to a minimum if you take same-sex animals from one litter.

Pairing for breeding

Gender of a chinchilla is especially important if you plan to take two pets. There are features to consider when pairing. For breeding, you need to take individuals from different litters, otherwise the offspring will be with physical defects and low immunity.

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You must be able to form a pair too. In chinchillas, relationships are formed according to the principle of matriarchy. If the male is hooked to a female, then she will react aggressively to the fact that a new tenant has appeared on her territory. Very rarely it turns out to solve this problem and remove the negative factor. It is much easier to get a male first and have a girlfriend hooked to him. In this way, steam will form faster. For this, you also need to be able to determine the gender of the chinchilla.

At what age is the gender of the chinchilla determined

Up to a year of animals, it is almost impossible to distinguish externally and by behavior. However, they can breed from 3 months of age.

Determine the gender of the chinchilla by examining their genitals and find the characteristic differences before adulthood. During this period, males and females are seated in different cells in order to exclude the possibility of mating pairs from one litter.

Determine the gender

In appearance

The animals have the same body shape, there are no differences in color, density and structure of the coat. Female individuals are somewhat larger. But you can make a mistake, since the dimensions of the body are affected by the conditions of detention, age, hereditary predisposition, possible pathologies.

Since cubs from different parents are in the enclosures, it is useless to compare their sizes.

By behavior

Breeders who have been breeding chinchillas for a very long time can distinguish gender by characteristic behavior.

Since females dominate the packs, they are distinguished by courage and activity. They are curious about everything that surrounds them, they are engaged in exploring the space around them, very playful and “talkative”. They make a lot of sounds. It seems that they endlessly "chat" in their "chinchilla" language or sing.

How To Independently Distinguish A Chinchilla From A Boy Girl

Males are more silent. Do not show aggression, quickly adapt to new conditions. Not so curious, they can rarely be seen in mazes or playing among themselves. More often they occupy not an active, but a contemplative role.

During estrus, females can refuse food, scatter food and behave aggressively. Males during sexual hunting behave more actively, hiss, snort, squeak, attracting the attention of females.

By genitals

The surest way to determine gender is to examine the genitals of animals. They look exactly the same with the only difference: the distance from the penis to the anus in males is 4-5 mm, in females this is not at all.

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When viewed, it is necessary to hold the animals with their heads to themselves, turning them over by the scruff of the neck. To see the difference, it is advisable to examine two animals at once. If in the hands are heterosexual animals, this can be seen immediately.

What to do if you are unsure whether it was possible to recognize

If after the inspection there is no certainty in the correct determination of sex, you need to contact specialists. It can be experienced breeders, veterinarians.

Sellers in the market often say the gender that suits the buyer. Therefore, in the end it turns out that after a year a couple of one litter gives birth to sick offspring.

How To Independently Distinguish A Chinchilla From A Boy Girl

It makes no sense to mislead customers regarding gender in large nurseries, which have an important reputation. Therefore, it makes sense to make a purchase from serious large breeders.

Consultation with a veterinarian

To determine the gender of the pet, it is better to contact a trustworthy clinic. First you need to ask if the veterinarian has experience dealing with chinchillas, are they familiar with the physiological and psychological characteristics of these unusual animals. Experienced veterinarians are able to professionally distinguish a female from a male. This will help to avoid the appearance of unwanted offspring from one litter or to form a couple in which strong healthy cubs will be born.

Contacting a serious clinic is also important for the reason that the examination of the animal by a specialist will not be superfluous when acquiring a pet. If the animal has health problems or developmental disabilities, an experienced veterinarian will determine and prescribe corrective treatment and nutrition. A thorough examination and consultation in a reputable clinic will pay for itself with the health and good mood of the pet.

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