How To Plant A Chinchilla Girl With A Boy

I propose to open a separate topic on this issue.
Who has this happening? How long did the addiction last?

How To Plant A Chinchilla Girl With A Boy

I planted 3 pairs of chinchillas.

1 pair gave up without any fights. Somewhere from 4 months. The boy and the girl began to walk together all the time with 2 girls. And when the girl reached 6.5 months, when she once again went for reconnaissance into the cell to the boy, I just closed the door behind her. Chinchillas were simply happy and lived in perfect harmony.

2 couples have never seen each other before. I first released chinchillas for a walk together. they started catching up. Either the girl was chasing the guy, or vice versa. I realized that this would continue indefinitely if decisive measures were not taken and put both of them in a very small carrier, where they could hardly turn around. Of course, they calmed down, but still sometimes grunted at each other and tried to bite. So for about half an hour I did not leave this carrying, and in which case, clapped my hands on the carrying. when they got scared, they forgot that they just wanted to fight. : lol: Then I put them in a cage to the boy. Another half hour somewhere they "corresponded" and "cross over"and then SUDDENLY. The girl began to flatter for him. And that’s all, from that moment they started to love 🙂

3 couple I planted yesterday. Snchaala again let go for a walk. The boy (5.5 months) huddled in the corners, and the girl (9 months) flew at him like a tank and tried to eat, crush and trample them. He put them in the boy’s cage. – He immediately took up the defenses in the house and drove away cracking and clicking girl. The girl is opposite. frightened, began to rush about the cell and try to get out. Then I put them in the same maaalenky carrier: wink: here love and a dream began in an embrace. So they sat for about 40 minutes, and when I put them back in the cage, the girl apparently remembered that she was already here. She quickly got used to it, occupied the boy’s house and, in general, began to act like a mistress. When meeting with the boy, the chinchillas started screaming and showing their teeth to each other: wink: in general, so I left them for the night. She put a second house, the boy climbed into it and from there aggressively barked at the girl.
In the morning I found them sitting in different angles. Apparently, the forces for sounds seemed to be exhausted, because sometimes they just touched their faces and opened their mouths, showing their teeth:? When I put my hand in the cage. the boy almost pulled me. And then he barked an apple that I handed him to him: lol: in general, if this continues. they will become completely nervous.
I don’t know how the situation will develop further, and I’m even afraid to imagine how long their addiction to each other can last. So far, they consider each other to be fierce enemies. : roll:
one hope that the girl will soon begin to estrus. : oops:

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Look, the chinchiks are very beautiful. I mean the last couple, and it seems very suitable for each other. I hope they get along and fall in love with dr. : P

And this topic is very necessary. Solnie wrote mainly about babies, this is certainly useful to many. And I also have a request to share the experience of those who planted adult chinchas older than one and a half years. I guess the addictive period is longer, right? By the way, if a big boy, that is, a man in full bloom: lol: then he needs to take a little girl. The big question.

And yet, how long can their addiction to each other last.

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