How To Play With Chinchilla


To let the pet out of the cage, you must tame it. You should also learn how to properly get the chinchilla out of the cage.

As soon as you buy a chinchilla, you must begin to tame the animal. You will need to earn the trust of the animal, so in the first 2 weeks, until this happens, you should not get the chinchilla out of the cage.

It must be understood that the animal will frighten the unfamiliar place, and for it to get comfortable some time must pass. Therefore, before the chinchilla begins to inspect the whole house, it must get used to the new cage and its owner.

We act without haste

If the chinchilla leaves the cage too early, it may get nervous, start to rush about and crash into a hard object, and it could be seriously injured. Therefore, first just open the door and bring your hand into the cage so that the pet gets used to your smell.

At first, the space outside the cage will seem dangerous for the animal, but soon it will get used to it, and will itself ask to get out of the cage to frolic and explore new rooms.

Taming chinchilla to hands

Chinchilla should tame hands slowly, do not speed up the process. After a while, she herself approached the hand to smell it. She can even pinch slightly on the nail. Carefully scratch it under the muzzle. When chinchillas get used to their hands, they like to be scratched.

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At first, the animal will be a little restless, but after a certain time it will get used to the owner and will gladly let itself be stroked.

How to take a beast in your arms

After about 2 weeks, the chinchilla will make friends with you, and when you open the cage, the animal will rush to meet you. Now you can begin to take the pet in your arms, for this you need to carefully grab it on both sides with both hands and carefully put it on your knees. In this case, hands should not be removed, then the pet will feel that he is not in danger.

If the animal is nervous, put him back in the cage and treat him to a treat. Repeat this attempt for several days. Putting your pet on your knees, stroke it.

Chinchilla learns the world

Now you can give the chinchilla the opportunity to get acquainted with the surroundings. Before releasing the animal, make sure that the room is safe for him. First, carefully monitor your chinchilla so that it does not cause trouble. Chinchillas are curious, so they can climb into any corner or crevice.

How To Play With Chinchilla

How to train chinchilla

Carrots are one of the favorite chinchilla delicacies, so it will help in the training process. After playing with the chinchilla, treat it to carrots. You can try to make the pet climb one hand, and give the carrot to the other. Also during training you can encourage chinchilla raisins.

Potential hazard

If you decide to let your pet explore the house, you need to take certain safety measures. By their nature, animals are rodents, so they taste everything that comes across on the way. Make sure that there are no wires with electric current in the room, otherwise the animal may be shocked and it will die. Heating radiators are also dangerous for chinchillas; it can get stuck between the battery and the wall. Remember that chinchillas are very active, they climb into any place.

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