How To Play With Chinchilla


Before you start letting your chinchilla out of the cage, you need to tame it and learn how to take the animal in your arms.

When you bring the chinchilla home and find the right place for the cage, you can move on to establishing a relationship with your pet. You definitely need to gain his trust. For the first two weeks, or even more, do not let the chinchilla out of the cage. Remember that she found herself in a completely unfamiliar place, and she needed time to recover and look around.

Your pet must get used to you and his cage before he sets off to inspect the house.

How To Play With Chinchilla


If you let the chinchilla out of the cage too soon, it can panic, rush to run and crash into walls or furniture, causing serious damage to itself, so for the first two weeks just open the cage and put your hand in there so that the little shishilla gets used to you.

At first, the space outside the cage can scare the chinchilla, but soon it will get used to it and will take every opportunity to explore the world and run around.

Chinchilla Hand Training

Your chinchilla should get used to the hands gradually. do not rush her. It will take quite a while, and she will come closer to sniff your fingers and gently pinch you on a knuckle or nail. Try gently scratching it under the chin. When the chinchilla gets used to her hands, she will really like this weasel.

How To Play With Chinchilla

At first, your pet will be a little nervous, but after some time it will get used to you and fall in love with signs of attention.

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Take chinchilla in our hands

Two weeks passed. You made friends with your pet, and he runs towards to play, every time you open the cage. Now you can try to take the chinchilla in your hands for this, gently grab the animal with your hands on both sides, supporting it from below, and carefully put it on your knees. Do not put your hands away so that the chinchilla feels safe. If she starts to worry, put her back in the cage and give her a carrot. Repeat this exercise for several days.

Having planted the chinchilla on its knees, gently hold it with your hands so that she feels safe.

Exploring the world

Having accustomed the chinchilla to her hands, you can let her explore the world around her. Secure the room and let the animal walk. At first, be especially careful to identify dangerous places that you could not foresee in advance. Never leave a chinchilla unattended outside the cage.

Chinchillas are very curious and will not miss a single corner and not a single click in your room.

Chinchilla Training

Carrot. great help in chinchilla training. After playing with the animal, give him one piece. You can try to make the chinchilla rise on one of your hands and give it a slice of carrot on the other.

Encouraging raisins helps with training.

Potential threats

Before releasing a chinchilla for a walk around the house, a number of precautions must be taken. Chinchillas. rodents and try everything on the tooth. If the animal gnaws through the wiring, it can be killed by electric shock. Make sure that the animal does not have access to such things. Heating batteries are a serious danger: a chinchilla can fall over a battery and get stuck there.

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Do not forget that your pet is very mobile and will climb wherever it can.

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