How To Train Chinchilla


Looking at chinchillas during hours of activity, sometimes thoughts flash in my head. Almost like trained !, Is it possible to train them?

And even people who see chinchillas for the first time and watch their flips and pirouettes ask two questions. How to play with chinchillas? And how and which teams to train chinchillas?

So, what we call training is a game for the chinchilla, and it’s very exciting. And here is the instruction for this game:

The nickname for me is a good (or well done, but always the same) treat.

It is impossible! a clap, a click of the fingers, a hit on the floor, perhaps even an EASY physical impact (if you pinch too hard or push the chinchilla, you need to caress it, calm and apologize!) to me (if the animal was distracted, but did not move away) Well done (at execution ) treat. Walk (when the animal leaves the cage), Home (when it comes back). The rest is at the request and condition of the walk. I wish you successful games with your chinchillas.

How To Train Chinchilla

Training and education of chinchillas

Chinchilla does not lend itself to training, it can and should be raised as a child with the help of love and attention, and it will reciprocate. But also when raising this pet, severity is also needed, and you do not need to blow off dust particles and follow his lead, otherwise you will get an ill-mannered, hooligan little animal that will twist ropes from you, and then you can’t change anything. Therefore, the animal must be raised immediately as soon as he appeared in your house. In the very first days, when adapting to new conditions and getting to know all members of the family, sitting in a cage. he studies and identifies everyone, that is, whom he needs to fear, whom to respect and obey, who to play with, and who to sit on his head!

It’s advisable to accustom something like this from 3-4 months to 6-8, and then they’ll get used to it and will behave (I think, I compare it with the formation of the human personality, usually the nature and reactions to what is happening are formed before puberty well some more time after ripening).

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I think that you need to teach something to start immediately, in a new place, as acquired.

For example, I treated my like this:

-he waited until he jumped into his arms and sentenced clearly and abruptly home!, then he sat on his shoulder, brought him to the cage and put him there; now, after a walk, I went up, sitting down, I said home, so he jumps on his shoulder and I calmly put it into the cage

We train a team for me both on a walk and in a cage (it’s quite large). Little by little it starts to respond. Of course, this is not done forcibly, but at will with the help of sweets. week, such a move will be more effective.

It’s not a bad fit for the team to eat (although I didn’t train it on purpose))), the main thing is to use the word while serving food, and during the walk, when you give something tasty, then there’s no need to accustom me to the team or what something like that.

The basis of mutual understanding. chinchilla training

Chinchilla. smart and friendly animal, she needs affection, care and communication. It will take a lot of patience to tame it. It is important that the pet remembers who its owner is and was not afraid of him, remember your voice and smell. Gradually, he will get used to it and begin to approach you himself, bite his fingers, climb onto his arm and eventually move further to the shoulder. Be sure to encourage his courage with various goodies. raisins, seeds, rose hips, dried apples, banana chips, etc. When the pet finally gets used to it and knows that you are safe and receives treats from you, you can start releasing it from the cage for walks. Make sure that there are no dangerous objects in the access area. electrical wires, harmful household appliances, etc. While the animal is walking, you can feed him, which will help you make friends even more. Walking is possible even at night, when there are few extraneous sounds and nothing prevents the animal from going wherever he wants.

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Scientists have confirmed that rodents can remember and follow some instructions, therefore, by giving a command by voice and encouraging the desired action, you can train them. Teach them to take sand baths: a team. Swim !, return to the cage: team. Home! To prevent the pet from biting wires and furniture, you need to give it a command when you try to do this, approach it by clapping your hands or clicking your fingers over your ear. It is impossible! Repeat these techniques regularly, and the positive results of training will not be long in coming. It must be remembered that in dealing with a pet it is worth being careful. Despite the friendly nature of the animal, he will not tolerate insults, he can let out a trickle of urine at the enemy or bite him violently.

You can’t do without chinchillas upbringing, since only with the help of him, from any wayward animal you can get a cute furry friend, communication with which will bring a lot of positive emotions!

What teams can be taught chinchilla

Intellect Chinchilla

Despite the fact that most rodents are not very smart, chinchilla. smart enough animal. In terms of intelligence, it can be compared with a domestic cat. Chinchillas are well seen, able to distinguish some colors. They also have keen hearing and sense of smell. This opens the animals wide opportunities of knowledge. Experienced chinchilla breeders will confirm that the animals know their name, recognize their owners and are even able to get bored if they are not involved in it for a long time. If you let out chinchillas for walks around the apartment, she easily learns to open cabinets, use door handles and get to the most inaccessible places. Usually a chinchilla remembers his nickname for no longer than 2 months.

What Teams You Can Teach Chinchilla

The first thing to do after acquiring the animal. give him a nickname. Until the chinchilla learns its name, it is best not to let it out of the cage. Pronouncing the nickname draws attention to the owner and makes possible further communication. It is better to choose a nickname, which includes hissing and whistling sounds. S, W, H, S.

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If you plan to let the animal out for a walk around the apartment, first of all you need to teach it to the team at home or in the cage. After the walk, say the command and take the animal to the cage. Something tasty should be waiting for him there. If necessary, by the same principle, you can teach the chinchilla team to walk.

The next important team. to me. It is pronounced in combination with a nickname. For training, gently call the pet and lure him with a treat, repeating the command.

How to train chinchilla

Chinchillas. these are rather capricious and cunning creatures. They look like little children, they need to be brought up from the very appearance in the house, otherwise they will not respond to your inhibitions. Principles of training chinchillas. it is an affectionate appeal and constant encouragement. At the beginning of training, you need to give refreshments for each correctly performed action, later. for every fifth, and in the end. replace treat with verbal encouragement. Chinchillas very well distinguish the tone of voice, so praise will also be a reward for them.

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