How To Transport Chinchilla To A New Residence

How To Transport Chinchilla To A New Residence

From time to time, pet owners are faced with the need to transport their pets both over short and long distances. Each pet needs comfortable transportation conditions. This is especially true for animals such as chinchillas.

How To Transport Chinchilla To A New Residence

Chinchillas can withstand temperatures from 14 to 25 degrees Celsius, but the most optimal for them is 18-23 degrees above zero.
If the animal needs to be moved in the warm season, it is recommended to transport it in an open cage or plastic carrier. You can also use cardboard boxes or plywood boxes for this purpose. When transporting an animal in a box, you need to make ventilation holes on top. If the animal is transported in a box, one of the walls should be made mesh. It should be borne in mind that for a long journey the box is not suitable, since the chinchilla is able to gnaw a hole in it and run away.
For transportation, you can use small cages or boxes. However, their size should be sufficient for the animal to provide him with the convenience of moving.
It is undesirable to take chinchilla in your hands for a long time, as this will create thermal discomfort for the animal. For the same reason, do not transport in terrariums.
In the heat, you can further cool the animal by placing plastic bottles filled with ice and wrapped in a towel in a cage.
To protect the pet from direct sunlight, you can cover the cage with tissue.
When transporting the animal in the cold season, it is best to use a carrying bag or a closed plastic container with warm litter.

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You can move chinchillas by car, train, plane. When transporting animals in public transport, you must have all the necessary veterinary documents. The main certificate is a veterinary permit in form 1. It is issued at the veterinary clinic at the place of residence and is valid for 3 days. If the animal is to be transported to another country, you need to take care of obtaining an international passport with information on the availability of rabies vaccination, its number, series, and also the expiration date of the vaccine. Such vaccination should be done no later than a month before the trip, and no earlier than a year before the date of departure.
If there is a long road ahead, water and food should be prepared for the animal. He will also need a toilet, which can be built from a small metal box with a side 4-5 cm high. You can fill the toilet with wood pellets.
If the pet is transported by car, it is advisable that it has air conditioning. This is especially important in hot weather. If stops are planned during the trip, it is highly undesirable to leave the animal in a closed car. It would be more correct to take it with you in the carrying.
When transporting an animal by train, train or subway, it is recommended to use plastic containers with lattice doors. On the door you can place both a feeder and a drinking bowl. In hot weather, carry can be placed on the floor. It is important to ensure that it is not in a draft, otherwise the animal may catch a cold.
If you need to transport a chinchilla on an airplane, it is also advisable to take a plastic carrier with a grill-door. A pet can fly both in the luggage compartment and in the cabin, which allows most airlines. But in the latter case, you need to pre-book a place for a pet.

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