How To Transport Chinchilla


Almost every owner of a chinchilla sooner or later faces a situation when it is necessary to take his pet with him on a trip, or simply take the animal to the veterinarian. To do this, with all responsibility, prepare everything for transporting your pet. It would seem that this is special? But even experienced chinchillovodi sometimes encounter some difficulties in this matter. In this article we will look at some very important points when transporting chinchillas.

Even in the early 19th century, chinchillas were transported by ships. The journey lasted several weeks. From temperature extremes, limited movement, humidity, drafts, stress, many animals died. Therefore, we must try to reduce the time spent on the road with chinchillas, if possible using faster modes of transport.

How to transport chinchilla?

For transporting chinchillas, you can use a cage or a plastic carrying case for rodents.

Better yet, for longer trips, use a galvanized iron carry case with a mesh cover. The animals will not bite the metal, and if you and your pet have to go, for example, in a train, you will do without too much noise.

If you have not had time to purchase a carrier, in an extreme case, for short trips, you can use a drawer made of plywood or a box of thick cardboard, but do not forget to make ventilation holes in them.

The bottom of the cage or carrier is lined with hay or shavings, and pieces of paper are not forbidden to use.

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In order to reduce the stress of the animal when moving from one place to another, it is recommended to cover the cage with tissue.

Chinchillas and long trips

If you have a long trip with your pet (more than 10-12 hours), you need to take care of food and food for the animal. Chinchilla and need a toilet. It can be built from a small metal box with a side 4-5 cm high. An impromptu toilet can be filled with wood pellets.

If you plan to go on vacation with your pet, for transporting and living chinchillas at this time, it is better to purchase a plastic carrier for dogs and cats with a metal lattice door, on which you can install a feeder and a drinker. Carry size must be at least 50x35x30 cm.

How to transport chinchilla in the cold season?

When transporting the animal in winter, it is recommended to use a closed plastic container with warm litter. In the cold season, you need to take care of a warm shelter, where the chinchilla could climb and warm.

How To Transport Chinchilla

How to transport chinchilla in summer?

Owners of chinchillas probably know that a temperature above 26 ° C is disastrous for their pets. Therefore, in the hot season, it is important to protect the animal from heat stroke. To do this, the carrier is protected from direct sunlight by covering it with a cloth. And to cool the animal in the heat, the cage is covered with plastic bottles filled with cold water or ice packs.

If you are traveling by car, it is advisable that it has air conditioning. If this is not available, you need to open the windows, but at the same time make sure that the animal does not suffer from drafts. In no case should you allow the creation of a greenhouse effect in the carrying. It is very dangerous to leave the cage with the animal in hot weather in a car with closed windows.

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Transportation of chinchillas in public transport

If your chinchilla has to travel by train or plane, take care of the appropriate pet document in advance. This is a veterinary certificate in the form No. 1 for the transport of animals. For a bus, subway or train, this veterinary certificate is unlikely to be needed, but you probably will not be put on a plane or train without it with a chinchilla. In addition, ask your airline representative in advance if they allow rodents and under what conditions.

Upon arrival home, the chinchilla should be given water with the addition of glucose, but you can’t feed the animal for two hours.

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