How To Treat Chinchilla


How To Treat Chinchilla

Chinchillas are wonderful animals that can deliver a lot of pleasure to their owners. Like other pets, this species requires a lot of attention and care. Chinchilla can get sick and it can cause some difficulties. At this point, you need to know for sure. how to treat chinchilla.

Chinchilla Treatment

The intimate problem of males

Let’s talk about a disease such as the appearance of a hair ring on the penis of male chinchillas. This is a fairly common disease, which is a real problem for chinchillas.

As a rule, males independently carry out hygienic procedures for their reproductive organ. However, sometimes under the foreskin hairs can accumulate, which subsequently form a dense ring.

How To Treat Chinchilla

It is worth noting that if this ring is not removed in time, it can lead to the appearance of a large number of diseases in the male, and sometimes to the death of the animal.

In order to remove this ring, it is worth resorting to the help of a second person who will hold the animal. To remove, you must use petroleum jelly.


How To Treat Chinchilla

In the hot season, chinchillas are exposed to high temperatures, which can cause heat stroke. It arises because the chinchilla has rather thick fur and there are completely no sweat glands. The process of thermoregulation is done through the ears.

In the event that you notice signs of heat stroke in chinchillas, it is worth taking measures to eliminate it. It’s best to move the chinchilla into a small cage that will not allow it to move much. In this case, the cage must be moved to a cool dark place or put the cage near the refrigerator with the door open.

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In the event that signs of severe heat stroke are manifested, then it is worth using medications. In particular, it is worth using Dexamethasone, which must be pricked under the skin three times a day. Or use Hemavit, which also needs to be used three times a day.

Gastrointestinal diseases

How To Treat Chinchilla

Another common disease in chinchillas is an upset intestinal tract. Treatment must begin with the use of herbal infusions. For a quick effect, you can use infusions of chamomile, oak bark, plantain and other herbs.

You can also use a decoction of grass hemorrhage. This herb is able to have a hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect.

If herbs do not help, other methods can be used. In particular, these are pomegranate crusts, give a drink of rice broth. You can also give chinchilla gnaw a tablet of activated carbon. Only after these methods have failed, can you use medicines.

It is worth trying Smecta, which is the most common drugs for the treatment of diarrhea, as well as veracol. Whatever your chinchilla gets sick, only a veterinarian can prescribe the right treatment for chinchillas. Be sure to show the chinchilla to a specialist. Especially if you are not sure about the correct diagnosis.

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