How To Understand That Chinchilla Versicolor

Lichen (dermatophytosis) in chinchilla

Lichen or dermatophytosis. this is a fungal infection of the skin and hairline, most often microsporia or trichophytosis. The disease does not cause great inconvenience and pain to the animal and is successfully treated.

To appear or not, this disease in your chinchilla depends on the immune system and animal conditions. Possible causes of the disease:

lack or excess of vitamins;
decreased immunity;
high humidity;
unsanitary conditions;
contact with infected animals, etc.

In areas of skin lesions, the hair breaks off or completely falls out, peeling of the skin, dandruff and crusts appear. It is necessary to start treatment from the first signs of the disease, otherwise the disease will progress – bald patches with dandruff and crusts will grow, affecting an increasingly large surface of the animal’s skin.

You can diagnose the disease in a veterinary clinic using a Wood lamp (the highlighted area turns green) or by analyzing the scales and hairs from the affected area of ​​the skin. Unfortunately, these methods do not fully guarantee the accuracy of the diagnosis of the disease.

The main thing in the success of treatment is to find all the lesions. To do this, you must carefully examine the chinchilla. Pay special attention to the legs and nose, most often the disease manifests itself in these places. Blow on the coat and examine the body of the animal.

For the treatment of lichen, apply:

solution (exoderyl, chlorhexedine). Dampen a cotton swab in the solution and treat the center plus 1.1.5 cm around. Recommended number of procedures: 3 times a day for 7-10 days;
spray (lamisil), also used as a solution;
Nystatin tablets need to be crushed and rubbed into the affected area, can be added to the sand;
succumb 1/14 tablet once a day for 10 days;
injections (wakderm) according to the instructions depending on the weight, condition of the animal and the neglect of the case;

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in sand add fungistop (medical sulfur) per 1 kg of sand 5 g fungistop or honey. Sulfur.
With lichen, it is undesirable to use ointments and creams, as they are absorbed for a very long time, and then it will be difficult for you to clear the excess of the chinchilla coat.

The veterinarian should prescribe the treatment regimen and dose of medication, taking into account the effectiveness and minimize the consequences of treatment. The duration of treatment from two weeks or more, depending on the neglect of the case.

1. Air humidity control. The room should be dry and well ventilated.

2. Proper nutrition.

3. Spacious display case.

4. Bathing in sand with the addition of an antifungal drug (fungistop, nystatin) or medical sulfur.

How To Understand That Chinchilla Versicolor

5. Sanitary treatment of the premises and dwellings of the animal.

6. Quarantine. If you purchased another chinchilla, do not immediately plant it with other animals. It is advisable to first examine the animal for the presence of diseases.

7. Support immunity with vitamins.

For prevention, you can take a course of vitamins, for example:

multitabs baby drop by drop every day for 5-7 days, then every other day. The maximum course is 30 days;
ascorutin and calcium gluconate once a week (can be given continuously);
0.5 ml gamavit every other day for 2 weeks;
immunized by на tablets for 2 weeks

And remember that any disease is better to prevent than to treat. Introduce the habit of daily inspection of the animal and constant monitoring of its behavior. So you can detect the disease in time, and the correct content will help to avoid it. However, if your chinchilla is still ill, do not give up – you will surely cope with the disease.

How To Understand That Chinchilla Versicolor

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