Is It Possible To Feed Chinchilla Fresh Grass, Flowers, Petals, Twigs

It is impossible! Shushkov only needs to give dried. I grow my own grass, then dry it. I also break twigs in the garden and dry them.

Chinchilla eats 1-3 tablespoons of granular feed per day. Hay should be in the cage according to the schedule. It is very useful to give animals in small quantities apples (dry and fresh), rose hips, carrots, dried apricots, fresh grass, crackers, willow branches, linden, birch. It is not recommended to give sunflower seeds, nuts, sweets, food for hamsters, parrots, rats, other animals, animal products.

The animal needs to be trained to a new feed gradually, adding one or two new feed to the old one within two to two weeks. This applies to any food that the animal has not encountered before, for example, fresh grass, apples or dried apricots, and also, which is especially important. to the food that the chinchilla will eat in your home. When buying chinchillas, it is better to purchase from the seller also a weekly supply of the usual animal feed.
Must remember !! ! Chinchillas are very sensitive to changes in diet. A sharp change in food can cause diarrhea in them.

There should be hay in the cage of chinchillas year-round. It, like fresh grass, is placed in wire feeders. The best hay is that which consists of leguminous plants: alfalfa, vetch, clover, etc. Grain hay is also well digested, especially if it contains meadowgrass, timothy grass, team hedgehog, meadow fescue. However, ferns, horsetails, large sedges, chythorn, as well as poisonous plants: black eye, henna, dope, poisonous buttercup, white hellebore and others should not fall into any hay intended for chinchillas. To have more useful substances in the hay, legumes are mowed when buds, cereals, appear. during heading. There are many vitamins in hay if it is dried in the shade, in tents, on bars, in the barn. It must be stored under a canopy, in the attic, in the barn.

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All warm season chinchillas give fresh grass. Start with a small amount, gradually increasing the dose. In addition to legumes and meadow plants, chinchillas eat leaves of dandelion, plantain, burdock, strawberries, strawberries, yarrow, horse sorrel, young nettles.

Is It Possible To Feed Chinchilla Fresh Grass, Flowers, Petals, Twigs

All year, chinchillas should also have the so-called additional food: leaves and branches of birch, fresh and dried, oak branches and acorns, leaves and branches of different types of willows, leaves, bark and young shoots of aspen, pine needles, in which there is especially a lot of vitamin C The animals are given spring young shoots of pine. Chinchillas and seeds of pine, other trees, shrubs, herbs that need to be harvested for the future, seeds of cultivated plants eat all year round. From vegetables, chinchillas are given carrots, well washed and peeled. Mineral fertilizing: pieces of rock salt, bone meal, 0.3 grams per day for one animal. Although chinchillas are considered true vegetarians, they eat large insects: locusts, grouse, and various butterflies.

Chinchillas can not be attributed to lovers of food. Four animals need as much food as one rabbit. Here is one of the options for the daily diets of an adult animal (winter and summer, respectively): hay. 25-40 / 15-20, green grass. 0/40, carrots. 4/6, oatmeal. 2/2, barley groats. 2/2, wheat groats. 1/1 sunflower seed. 1/1, crackers. 2/2, milk. 20/10 grams.

If you create normal conditions, chinchillas will live 20 years

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