Is It Possible To Walk With Chinchilla On The Street

Is It Possible To Walk With Chinchilla On The Street

Many owners wonder if it is possible to walk chinchillas on the street. Their desire is understandable, because the rodent sits in a cage almost 24 hours a day, and I would like to let him run on the grass! But if the chinchilla could talk, she would not approve of this venture. And that’s why.

  • Walking on the street is a huge stress for the animal.

In nature, chinchillas live in the desert highlands and are happy to live in the wild. But the decorative chinchilla sees the world completely different. Limited to the borders of a cage or apartment, she does not know anything about the "outside" world, and getting to know him will really shock her. Firstly, nature outside the window has little in common with alpine landscapes. Secondly, the noise of roads, dust, a huge amount of unfamiliar odors, including those left by predators, and much more will become unexpected and unpleasant discoveries for a small animal. powerful stress provocateurs.

By their nature, chinchillas are nocturnal animals, and the peak of their activity occurs at night. Imagine how a rodent will feel, brought to a hostile street, moreover, in a not-so-favorable period?

  • Street is a real danger.

If you had to deal with chinchillas, you know how fast they run. What if, during a walk, a dodgy pet breaks off the harness or, for example, jumps over the enclosure enclosure? Do you think there are great chances to catch him?

In addition to the danger of escape, there are others. One of them. predators. Chinchilla is a rodent, a natural prey for cats, dogs and large birds. Going for a walk with a chinchilla, you cannot be sure that it is completely safe. After all, a hunting dog can be walking nearby, which, having noticed "prey", will surely rush in pursuit.

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Walking along the grass, your pet can easily catch a dangerous infectious disease or become infected with parasites. He is completely defenseless in front of them.

Is It Possible To Walk With Chinchilla On The Street

On the street, a chinchilla can "eat" poisonous plants. At best, this will result in a mild digestive upset, and at worst, serious poisoning.

Chinchillas do not tolerate heat very well. In the sun, a pet overheats in a matter of minutes, which is very dangerous not only for its health, but also for life.

And these are just the main arguments, in practice there are much more. But walks are so useful, you say. In practice, if a chinchilla has a spacious cage, then within its limits it receives the necessary physical activity. In addition, if desired, the rodent can be released to run around the apartment. About this in the article "Is it worth it to let the chinchilla out of the cage?"

And if you really want to please your pet in contact with nature, buy fragrant alpine hay for him (for example, Fiory). He will appreciate it!

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