Is It Worth It To Let The Chinchilla Out Of The Cage

Is It Worth It To Let The Chinchilla Out Of The Cage

Chinchillas are very active animals that adore running and exploring the surrounding area. That is why their happy owners often ask themselves: is it possible to let the chinchilla out of the cage so that it runs around the apartment properly? Theoretically, this is a good practice that will not let the pet get bored and will support him in excellent physical shape. But everything has its pitfalls

Walking and active games are very useful for chinchillas. They support the body in good shape and prevent the collection of excess weight. It would seem that you open the cage, release the chinchilla. and now she is already curiously exploring the surrounding space, and she is guaranteed a healthy physical load. But not so simple.

In the cage, your pet is completely safe, but outside the world the world is unpredictable and even dangerous. If there are other pets or children in your house, they can accidentally harm the animal. In addition, the apartment has a huge number of wires that the chinchilla will definitely want to taste, and places in which it can climb and lurk there (and in the worst case, get stuck).

Is It Worth It To Let The Chinchilla Out Of The Cage

Also, the animal can swallow the garbage or some small object that it encounters on its way, which, most likely, will result in digestive problems. In a word, the minuses are gaining decently, and the risk is completely unjustified. As experts and experienced breeders agree, the best solution for chinchillas is a spacious, good cage. And no free walks.

But if you still want to let the pet run around the apartment from time to time, you should prepare for this in advance.

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First, tame the chinchilla (how to do this, see the page "How to tame a chinchilla?"). Walks are only for those rodents who are already familiar with your family members and are not afraid of them. An untamed, timid chinchilla, once outside the cage, will first find where to hide. and getting her out of hiding will be very difficult. Such a "walk" will be a huge stress for the animal, especially if you have to force it back into the cage. But the tamed chinchilla can sincerely love walks if the owner organizes everything correctly. What is required for this?

Before you open the cage door, you need to properly clean the apartment: thoroughly wash the floors, as well as lift wires and adapters from the floor so that they are not in the free access for the chinchilla. Cover the “loopholes” in secluded places from which it will be difficult to expel your pet: for example, in the space under the sofa, behind a cupboard / refrigerator, etc. If you have cats or dogs in your apartment, close them in another room while you walk. Children must be trained in the handling of a fragile animal.

Throughout the walk, the chinchilla should be in your field of vision. Watch her carefully!

Is It Worth It To Let The Chinchilla Out Of The Cage

It is very important to start and end the walk correctly. It is undesirable to pull the chinchilla out of the cage by force and, in the same scenario, return it back. Just place the cage on the floor and open the door. It will be better if the rodent leaves her himself, without assistance. So he will not be afraid. To make the walk more fun, put some of your favorite animal toys on the floor.

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If the chinchilla does not want to leave the cage, do not force it to do so. Please try again in a few days. Once curiosity necessarily overcomes fears.

During the walk, the cage with the door open must remain on the floor so that the chinchilla always has the opportunity to return to their house. But if she is not in a hurry with this, and it’s time to end the walk, you can lure her with a treat or a bath with fresh sand. With tamed chinchillas, this method works for all 100.

"Catching" a chinchilla is only necessary if absolutely necessary, if other methods have not worked. Remember, for a rodent this will be a lot of stress.

Fun and safe walks for your pets!

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