Mating Chinchillas All Under Control


Mating Chinchillas All Under Control

Prerequisites for Breeding Chinchillas

1. Definition the goals, for which you are going to increase the number of animals.

2. The ability to understand breeds and colors chinchillas. The presence of basic knowledge on their content and cultivation.

3. Sufficient apartment area to accommodate additional cells with young after mating chinchillas.

4. Availability time for pet care, cleaning the cage and going to the vet.

five. Financial opportunities, allowing to purchase additional individuals for mating chinchillas, high-quality food, special sand, cages, toys, medicines.

6. Availability in your locality the doctor, specializing in the treatment of chinchillas.

7. Sales market animals or the opportunity to attach them free of charge in good hands.

8. Acquaintance with the good breeders, able to provide all information about the chinchilla pedigree and their breed.

Mating Chinchillas All Under Control

Mating chinchillas

The first step in breeding chinchillas is acquaintance two individuals or their “seeding".

If you recently purchased a mating partner, you must endure a forty-day quarantine, during which the animal calms down, gets used to a new house, environment. Also, during this time, the animal may manifest infectious diseases or lichen, which is a contraindication to mating chinchillas.

Reproduction allowed completely healthy animals over one year old, not closely related. Planting too young animals (they reach puberty in 3 months) can lead to the birth of weak offspring with developmental problems. It is important that the weight of the female is not less than 500 g. Otherwise, she will not have the strength to bear the cubs.

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When mating chinchillas, as a rule, females display aggression. Therefore, it is better to introduce animals in a male cage either in neutral territory. And it’s even better to keep the cages of animals nearby for a while, so that the male and female individuals get used to the smell of each other.

When sitting down pets, never leave them alone, as acquaintance can turn into a fierce fight, leading to mutilation and death of opponents. Be prepared to intervene immediately and to separate brawlers.

If the process of pairing chinchillas has gone according to plan, a spectacle will cause you emotion. The animals will sit as if in love, gently scratch each other and even sleep in an embrace. The process of conception of cubs can last several days. It is important that the animals are kept throughout this period. under your control. Their mood may suddenly change, love develop into conflict.

Chinchillas are best planted in the morning, so that they can get used to each other before evening activity. Acquaintance of animals is better to start with a joint reception sand bath. The procedure will mix their smells and bring the bride and groom closer together.

In the cage for mating should have shelter house, where the male can hide if the female begins to show aggression. On the territory of the planting should be two feeders.

If the mating fails, in no case do not shout and do not hit the animals, trying to reason them. This will not make sense and will cause stress in animals, from which they can even get sick.

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