Monthly Weight, Height And Size Of Chinchillas


Monthly Weight, Height And Size Of Chinchillas

One of the indicators of health and normal development is the weight and size of the chinchilla, which is contained at home. Zoologists compared the data of a large number of healthy rodents. Thanks to their work, the average weight parameters of a normal healthy animal were derived at different periods of its life.

Adult Chinchilla Size

At this age, the animal takes on the form of an adult. Changes in the size and weight of chinchillas after one and a half years indicate serious deviations in health, improper maintenance or pregnancy of the female.

Animals of the same age can vary in size and body weight. It depends on the:

  • Gender;
  • Genetics
  • Contents;
  • Health conditions.

Adult female chinchilla is larger and heavier than the male.

Monthly Weight, Height And Size Of Chinchillas

The female chinchilla is larger and heavier than the male

The individual that grew in pairs exceeds the mass and size of the one that was alone.

Adult chinchilla body length is from 22 to 38 centimeters. Her tail reaches a size of 8-17 centimeters.

How much does a chinchilla weigh?

The mass of an adult female varies from 600 to 850 grams. Males are smaller than females. They can weigh from 500 to 800 grams.

The owners of rodents need to understand that too large a size and a large mass of the animal does not guarantee that the pet is healthy. Cases have been reported when an adult chinchilla weighed a kilogram. This is the maximum weight of a large female.

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The owner of such a pet should be especially attentive to the state of the animal, because this fact should not be pleasing, but alarming. Obesity is not the most pleasant option, it is fraught with diseases and injuries in the animal.

Important! If the weight of an adult is more than normal, you should pay attention to its condition, mobility, activity. If these parameters are normal, then you should not worry.

A sharp increase in the mass of the female happens during pregnancy.

Weight puppies from birth to month

Chinchilla cubs at birth weigh between 30 and 50 grams. Their weight depends on:

  • How many goals in the litter;
  • What size are the parents of rodents;
  • How did the pregnancy proceed?

Sometimes a newborn puppy can weigh 70 grams. But this does not guarantee that a very large animal will grow out of it.

Monthly Weight, Height And Size Of Chinchillas

The weight norm for a newborn puppy is 30-50 grams

On the first day after birth, chinchilla cubs can lose 1-2 grams of their weight. But already on the second day their mass begins to grow.

In the first week, the daily increase is 1-1.5 grams per day. Then a noticeable increase in this parameter. In the second week, the mass increases by 2-3 grams per day. During the second half of the first month, babies gain 2-3 grams daily, and starting from 24 days of life – 3-4 grams. A good weight gain is guaranteed normal lactation in the mother, a bad one indicates a lack of milk. In this case, the owner should think about artificially feeding the young.

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Daily weight gain table for puppies in the first month of life

Measuring the weight of the chinchilla by months and comparing it with the parameters presented in the table, the pet owner draws conclusions about how well the animal develops.

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