Organization Of The Toilet And The Teaching Of Chinchillas To It


Many issues related to the care of pets remain unresolved, since the owners of the animals are sure that many things the animals need to be forgiven. This also applies to such a delicate topic as the toilet. It turns out that it is possible to greatly facilitate the care of the animal, if you teach the chinchilla to the toilet. How this is best done is described in this article.

Organization Of The Toilet And The Teaching Of Chinchillas To It

Toilet Rules

You should know what a chinchilla toilet looks like.

Most popular options:

Organization Of The Toilet And The Teaching Of Chinchillas To It

It is not enough to purchase a tray, it is necessary to equip it and put it correctly:

  • Placed exclusively at the bottom of the cage, should not be lifted and mounted on a raised platform.
  • Fall asleep filler or special granules.

Sand and dry grass cannot be used for filling. This will confuse the pet. In the sand bath, the animal bathes. Hay for him is food.

How to teach a chinchilla to a tray

Depending on when the animal settled in the cage, what age it is, the method of accustoming the animal is chosen.

Situations may be as follows:

  • The pet is a newcomer in the house and in the cage. There is no need to specifically take specific actions yet. It is necessary to put the tray on the very first day and watch how the animal will behave. The main thing is not to frighten the rodent at the moment when he uses it.
  • The animal can for some reason be resettled in a new home. The tray should be placed on the same principle as in old housing. In no case do not change the filler to another type. Do not clean the toilet at the time of relocation. Let the smell remain for a while for reference.
  • The pet can completely ignore the proposed option. He persistently uses for his needs any other parts of the cell. This is already a problem with which you need to understand and understand what the animal does not like.
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To teach a pet to the tray, you need to be patient. The owner of the chinchilla needs to know that the toilet is used by the animal only for urination. These animals are not able to control the act of defecation. But this is not critical, as the litter is odorless and quickly becomes solid. The process of evacuating it from the cell is simple.

Organization Of The Toilet And The Teaching Of Chinchillas To It

Why chinchilla ignores the toilet

Usually, a pet has good reason not to use the proposed tray. Consider the most likely.


The rodent realizes that it is a toilet and deliberately ignores it. Thus, he disagrees with some things. More often it is connected with home improvement. Perhaps the cage is in a noisy place, or direct sunlight is constantly falling on the rodent. The tray is narrow, it is not in the place where the rodent wants. All these options need to be thought out and try to please the animal.

Jet firing

The female can shoot a jet reacting to the male. Unfortunately, there is no way to deal with this. The only way to maintain order in the cell is to wash.

Organization Of The Toilet And The Teaching Of Chinchillas To It


The rodent may not understand what the delivered tray is for. It is necessary from time to time to transfer the filler from the place that the animal stained.


It is necessary to check whether the capacity is staggering. Chinchilla is afraid to go to the tray, which is unstable. This applies to plastic, wood and metal. For fixing use latches, wire.

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Wrong place

It is not always possible to guess the place that a chinchilla needs for a toilet. It is necessary to trace where the animal prefers to go. If there is no specific place, you can try moving the toilet to another corner.

We need to focus on how far from the tray the drinking bowl and the feed tank are, and take them away.

DIY pet tray

You can make your own chinchilla tray made of metal or wood. The optimal size is 18x11cm. The shape may be triangular. Metal plates of the right size are fastened with screws. The main requirement: the edges should not remain sharp. They must be bent so that the chinchilla does not hurt itself against sharp edges.

Solid wood or plywood is an environmentally friendly material. It is necessary to attach four sides to the quadrangular bottom using self-tapping screws.

The bottom and internal wooden walls must be glued with self-adhesive film. Fill up the filler, and the toilet is ready.

Organization Of The Toilet And The Teaching Of Chinchillas To It


Each animal is an individual with its own character and preferences. If you manage to get your pet to him, he will quickly figure out what they want from him. With the established understanding, the “delicate” problem will be solved quickly and easily. These are clean animals. If you continue to try to accustom to the tray, the result will certainly be.

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